Railway to computerize parcel office

PATNA: Work on computerization of the railway parcel office is to
start this month. This step has been taken to maintain full
transparency in the booking of luggage from Patna Junction for far-
off places by mail and express trains, said Danapur DRM B D Garg.

According to Garg, Patna Junction has been the hub of parcel booking generating good revenue for the railways. It will be the first such station of the East Central Railway (ECR) to have computerization facility in the parcel office. The railways have given the contract to CRIS, a well-known company, to expedite computerization, he said.

The DRM said Railway Board has already given its nod for
computerization of the railway parcel office. Under the plan, the
railways have decided to computerize parcel bookings at every major station of the division to facilitate easy parcel bookings and
maintain a clean record of bookings. Work will be faster in the
computerized system, he said.

The DRM informed the railways have worked out the details to link
functioning of parcel offices of all major stations under ECR to the
computerized network. The new system is likely to check malpractice
and delay in transporting the booked consignments, he said.

Garg said the railways have taken various steps to provide more
passenger amenities at Patna Junction. The 20-feet-wide foot
overbridge (FOB) at Patna Junction has been thrown open to
passengers now.

According to Garg, two other FOBs located at “Howrah and Delhi ends”will be widened up to 16 feet at Patna Junction to cope with the
rush of passengers. A proposal to this effect has already been sent
to Railway Board, he said.

To streamline the maintenance work of coaches, particularly of LHB
German coaches of the Rajdhani Express, the railways have decided to build two additional pit lines at Rajendra Nagar Terminal. Besides,
the railways would extend the length of platform no. 1 from the
present 19-coach capacity to 24 coaches at Rajendra Nagar Terminal.

The work will be taken up soon after acquiring private land of about
500 square metres at Rajendra Nagar. After the completion of the
project, all mail and express trains having a load combination of 24
coaches could be easily accommodated on platform no. 1 either for
departure or on arrival there, the DRM said.



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  1. Computerisation of parcel offices shall reduce the RR preparation time.Computerization shall also reduce the work load of the Parcel Clerk (such as preparation of D sheets,preparation of Railway Receipts, maintaining various registers and returns etc.)It will also reduce misdespatch since the despatch details can be retrived electronically anywhere in the IR.

    It is suggested that some measures may be undertaken by the railway administration to reduce the insistence of rules in outer packing since parcels can be tracked during transit using RFID technology.

    Till such upgradation is undertaken by the railways, the railways may appoint contractors (in the lines of cycle stand contract, STD booth contract etc.) in the major parcel offices for packing as per the railway rules.The railway may charge packing charges(in addition to parcel/luggage rates) at the stipulated rates.This shall help the passengers to search for persons who pack the parcels as per the stipulated railway rules.This measure shall also help the railway administration to ensure 100 % compliance of claims prevention norms.

  2. My name iss saurabh singh, i am fron Gurgaon (haryana)
    what will be cost of parcel if i parcel my bike from Agra cant to Nizamuddin (Delhi).

  3. Please contact Parcel office at Agra station to know the exact charges for transportation of your bike.

  4. Very informative article.. cheers to hari…

  5. Hi,
    What is the procedure of booking parcel space for transportation of my car from New Delhi to Asansol and how much would it cost? Can you give us the website address from where we can get all these information online.

  6. Hi,
    What is the procedure of booking parcel space for transportation of my Bike from Mumbai to Georakhpour and how much would it cost? Can you give us the website address from where we can get all these information online.

    tarique shaikh

  7. It is good news that parcel traffic is computerised.
    Similarly, supplies to Railways to different Stores Depots must be computerised so that the receipt, acceptancse,billing, cheque payment all need to be computerised.

  8. Hi

    i want to shift my luggage from Mumbai to Vishakhapatnam.
    what is the procedure to book my luggage and please tell me the details of parcel charges.

    Srinivas Komanapalli

    • Kindly get in touch with mumbai parcel office for necessary details. This blog deals only general policies of indian railways.

  9. hello sir/mam,
    this is brij from hi-tech robotics systemz ltd,
    i want to know abouot frieght charges of indian railwat to parcel a 50 kg trolly from gurgaon to chennai.

    in waiting of ur reply


    • Sir,
      Kindly contact the nearest railway station for the details. This blog deals only with general policies of Indian Railways.

  10. COS of all Rlys must unite and bring in uniform system of putting all transactions of stores receipt and bills and payment in internet as is done by SE Rly, ICF,DLW. All other Rlys COS must act together and update their method of working.

    • Member,Stores, Rly Bd, New Delhi should take the initiative and instruct all the COS of the I Rlys to have bill payment and supply of materials put in the computer for the information of all the suppliers as the Rlys tickets,PRS,parcels,and all transactions including wagon loading all these done in computer for the public just like the bank sends SMS for all transactions done with the bank.
      Why not Member Stores, Rly Bd, New Delhi do this and be of help and customer friendly who supplies millions of stores worth to the Rlys to run the system.

      S. Venkataraman

  11. Dear Sir,

    I book material from M/s. Ganga Ram Shaw, Hawra, West Bengal I receive the Railway Parcel Way Bill the Way Bill No. A 2435298 dt:-17/08/2010, I want the know material should be reach at Ahmedabad Railway Junction.

    Please Reply,

  12. I want to know charges of different destination all over india about the parcels. how the railway work
    and how they charge. by weight by /km or something else

  13. Giving the details of parcel rates is outside the scope of this blog. kindly contact the nearest parcel office for details.

  14. my name is bimalesh i am in delhi what will be cost of parcel if i parcel my bike from delhi to lalganj(raibarely)

    • Sir
      Iwant to know what will be cost of parcel if i parcel my bike from new delhi to lalganj(Raibarely)

      Please reply me


  15. Kindly provide DECLARATION FORM for to release my parcel from railway custody.

  16. good morng sir/madm
    what is the procedure of booking parcel shpace for transportation of my car fm ndls to pnbe and how much would it cost ? can you give us the website address fm where we can get all these info online pse.
    Deepak Kumar and i serve in indo-tibetan-border police
    my mob no is 9015073437,9631289029,7579137799

    • Pl approach the station manager or parcel office of station from where u want to book your car.

  17. Dear Sir,
    I book my parcel of my bike at Ahmadabad to navsari on 29/04/12 same day booking. but till time i don’t get it and there is no data on railway parcel website. can i know Ahmadabad parcel office telephone no.. me in tension.

    • It is better to visit Ahmadabad parcel office in person for details.

  18. Dear Sir,
    I book my parcel of one bike and two steel box at Miraj jn to Jalandhar cantt on 23 April 2012 some day booking. but till time i don’t get it and i am complant jalndhar cantt stn some time but no replay of stn master and CBS saab so please help me sir. me in tention…
    Maruti Bhiste

    by Maruti on 30 May 2012 at 10.45 am.

  19. Name – maruti bhiste
    bill no 242873
    stn – Miraj jn to jalandhar cantt
    booking date 23 April 2012
    i don’t get this parcel .
    sir please help me…

  20. Sir i lost the recipt,of my parcel,,now what i have to do?plz suggest.and i have the bill number.plz reply soon,i have booked a bike.patna to howrah,and the sender and reciver is me

  21. Sir I want to book a almira from patna to delhi is it possible ……

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