Pantry Cars in Long Distance Passenger Trains

Presently, 316 pairs of Express trains are scheduled to run for more than 24 hours on various routes in the country. Attachment of pantry cars to the trains is based on various factors such as operational feasibility, priority of the train, journey time, commercial justification, availability of pantry cars, load of the train, etc. among others. As per the new Catering Policy 2010, the priority for allotment of pantry cars is premier, superfast and mail/express trains with running time more than 24 hours each way and trains provided with vestibuled coaches.

This information was given by the Minister of State for Railways, Shri E. Ahamed in a written reply in Rajya Sabha today.

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  1. Does the goa kranti kranti express from goa to nizammuddin have a pantry car.


  3. does the 19408/19407 has got pantry car ?.

  4. do you have pantry car in train no 03002 ,ndls sdhs spl

  5. do you have pantry car in 12390 MS Gaya exp…..

  6. do u have pantry car in train no.12237 begampura exp

  7. so nice that ypr -kcvl train has started 1 ac. kindly include pantry also if possible.similarly sbc- kcvl is a busy train. kindly include 1st ac in that also , atleast half bogie , if full not possible

  8. do u have pantry car in train no12659 gurudev exp

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