Soon, ads on your Railway tickets

Cashing in on the computerised ticketing system, the Western Railway will start printing advertisements on suburban rail tickets to generate more revenue. “We earn Rs 2 crore every day through ticket sales, of which we earn Rs 1.6 crore through unreserved ticketing system (UTS). So, we plan to
earn more by printing advertisements behind tickets,” said a senior Western Railway (WR) official, on condition of anonymity.

Every day nearly 5.5 lakh tickets are sold through the 667 UTS windows on the western suburban line, which comprises 90% of the total ticket sales. Around 35,000 season tickets are sold every day on the same system.

“We will print advertisements behind daily and the season tickets sold through UTS. The plan will be later extended to automated ticket vending machines and coupon validating machines,” said S Chandrayan, chief PRO, WR.

Senior WR officials are examining the proposal and after it is finalised, they will call for tenders.

The selected private contractor will have to provide the UTS thermal paper with advertisements printed on it. The thermal paper is used at ticket counters across all railway stations in the city.

Not to be left behind, the Central Railway (CR) has allowed advertisements on their foot overbridges and platforms.

“We have placed advertisements on an experimental basis at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Dadar and Ghatkopar among several other stations,” said S Mudgerikar, chief PRO of Central Railway.

The CR expects to earn at least Rs 1 crore a month if all stations are covered. At these stations, the CR has allotted advertisement space on two staircases each with rates as low as Rs 15 per sqft.

Last month, the CR had allowed yellow stripes to be pasted along the edges of the platforms as an advertising gimmick for a television reality show.

WR introduces current reservation display system

In order to provide latest updated information of availability of berths at the current counters and to bring more transparency in current reservations which are done after charting, WR has introduced a Computer Screen at the current counter of Mumbai Central railway station.

Passengers can get the reservation one hour before the departure of a train from the current counter after the charting depending on the availability of berths.

Now the passengers can view the online availability of berths/ seats after the charting is done at this counter.

The online information will bring more transparency and give updated information about the occupancy or availability of berths/ seats in a train which is to depart after an hour from Mumbai Central station.

This facility will be extended to other current counters at Bandra Terminus, Andheri and Borivali within a week.