UIDAI in talks with Railways to help it better services

NEW DELHI: With Railways catering to crores of people and employing over a million strong staff, UIDAI saw a major role for itself in helping the PSU behemoth deliver better services through the use of unique identification ‘Aadhaar’ numbers.

“Railways have been pioneers in use of IT. We think there are many applications where Aadhaar authentication can be used to deliver better services to the people. We are talking to Railways,” UIDAI chairman Nandan Nilekani said today.

He said Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) had just held preliminary meetings with the Railway Board.

“For us Aadhaar adoption in public service application is a very important goal… and we look forward to working with them (Railways) on that,” Nilekani told reporters on the sidelines of a symposium organised by CRIS.

On the utility of Aadhaar for over 1.4 million railway employees, he said the unique number can be used for them in areas like pension payments, authenticating employee family members when they visit any health care facility or for railway receipts when goods are sent.


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Railways, UIDAI in talks for possible use of database

The Indian Railways has had a discussion with the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) on Tuesday to discuss the use of its database in various areas including ticketing. The discussion also included the manner in which the Indian Railways’ 13 lakh employees can be brought into the UIDAI database.

“The UIDAI has given us a presentation on what could be done. This has to evaluated,” Mr Vivek Sahai, Chairman, Railway Board, said here today, when asked.

The UIDAI would issue unique identification numbers to the residents of the country based on the demographic and biometric data of the individual. Mr Sahai said they are also exploring the possibility of using the unique database in its ticketing system.

The possible use for Railways could particularly for using the UID of a person as a proof of identity while extending low-cost tickets through various discount schemes. Railways extend discounts to different marginalised sections of population including senior citizens, in which the UID could be used as another proof of identification.


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