WR saves 4 cr every month after AC switch

The switchover to the alternating current (AC) from the direct current (DC) system on Western Railway added an extra Rs 4 crore to its kitty last month.

The savings are also because the AC system is more energy efficient and the transmission and distribution losses are less compared to the DC format. The WR runs 1,250 suburban services. The savings are substantial although the number of services has increased from 1,210 in December 2011.
“In 2011-12, WR was able to save Rs 53 crore after the conversion to the AC system,” said Sharat Chandrayan, WR’s chief public relations officer.

“The savings are bound to be substantial even though there may be an increase in services on WR’s suburban system in the future,” he added. WR has 77 AC-DC compatible rakes on its network.

WR has also registered the project with the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change. “Each rake has the potential to earn 35,000 units of carbon credits. It is estimated that these rakes will reduce overall carbon emissions,” he said. After the Mumbai division switched to the AC system this year, three phase locomotives with regenerative-brakes, which have the potential to save 15 to 17 % energy, have been introduced.

Super Saver

• Savings : 4cr in April

• AC-DC rakes on WR : 77

• Energy savings : 30%

•Savings (2011-12) : 53cr