Buy Tatkal tickets in person now

If you want to book Tatkal railway tickets from the city go in person to the ticket booking counter with your identity card as the Bangalore Division has stopped issuing Tatkal tickets intermediaries in most of the ticket booking counters to keep touts at bay.

Tatkal tickets would be issued to intermediaries after due verification in only one designated counters in some important ticket booking centres in the city.

Senior Divisional Commercial Manager N Ramesh said, “As the touts were fleecing money from people by standing in queues much before those who want the Tatkal tickets could even come to the booking counters, we had to stop issuing tickets to intermediaries in all the booking counters. In accordance with the instructions of our Divisional Railway Manager A K Aggarwal, we have set aside one counter in some of the important ticket booking centres for those who book tickets through intermediaries.”

Ramesh said Tatkal tickets, issued one day in advance, were issued to anyone if they had a request letter and an identity card of the applicant.

As the railways start issuing Tatkal tickets for the trains that run the following day at 10 am everyday, the touts used to stand in queues very early in the morning and book many tickets by using fake identity cards for the travel agencies that charge exorbitantly for booking tickets. Therefore, the deserving ticket seekers were at the mercy of these touts. The railway officials had failed to check the touts, he added.

The Tatkal counters which issue tickets only to those who come in person with valid identity cards are called Self Tatkal Ticketing Window Systems.

However, the intermediaries can book tickets at only one specified counter at City Railway Station, Cantonment, Yeshwantpur, Jayanagar, Koramangala, K R Puram and Vijaynagar.

There will be 21 counters for those who book tickets directly.

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IRCTC sold 5 lakh tickets online on March 1

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) set a record on Friday by selling more than 5 lakh tickets online after its electronic hardware and software were upgraded.

On March 1, as many as 5.02 lakh tickets were booked on the website, the previous record being 4.96 lakh tickets achieved on July 7, 2012. The improvement in the system was made possible by investments of Rs.3.5 crore for enhancing the concurrent connection to its firewall from around 10 lakh to 80 lakh and Rs.3 crore for augmenting the software licences and storage area network.

Another investment of Rs.4 crore is also being made to improve the capacity and servers. The IRCTC hopes these augmentations will improve the booking rate during the Tatkal hours (10 a.m. to 12 noon), enabling the customers to reserve approximately 60,000 to 63,000 tatkal tickets per hour, the current capacity being 40,000 tickets per hour.

Apart from banning agents from ordering tatkal tickets during these two hours reserved for the public, the IRCTC claimed that illegal bookings by automated software by unscrupulous touts would be curtailed.

Outlining the IRCTC’s plans in his Budget speech, Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal said the website would be revamped in December to book 7,200 tickets per minute, up from the current volume of 2,000 tickets, and handle 1.2 lakh customers at any given time against the present capacity to take in approximately 40,000 hits.

Electronic tickets account for approximately 48 per cent of the tickets sold every day, earning close to Rs. 37 crore daily, making the website among the top ranking e-commerce sites in Asia Pacific.

Tatkal form goes pink

Northern Railway has introduced a dedicated reservation forms for tatkal. Different from the normal white reservation forms, this pink form is bigger and has extra columns and space for information.

The form will soon be available at booking counters. To check the menace of touts buying tatkal tickets, the form has a column for “warnings”.

In case of purchase of tickets from a tout or unauthorised travel agent on fictitious names, addresses or contact number, the passenger is liable to pay penalty and/or imprisonment as per the provision of Railway Act 1989, says the warning published in bold on the form.

According to railway officials, if address/phone/mobile of the passenger is found to be false during journey, he or she will be deboarded at the next station.

“A separate reservation form for tatkal is important because it is a special service offered by the railways with different set of document requirements,” said an official.

To check menace of touts, the form has a column for “warnings”

Now, separate form for tatkal bookings to check misuse

Stepping up efforts to check misuse of tatkal bookings, Railways today said a separate reservation form for passengers booking tickets under this scheme will be introduced soon.

The pink colour form has to be filled up by the passenger at the booking counters providing details of his/her address, contact number and ID.

At present a single requisition form is available for booking both normal and tatkal tickets.

The form also carries a set of warnings including deboarding at the next station, imposition of fine or imprisonment as per provisions of Railway Act if address and other details furnished are found to be false.

Announcing the move, GM Northern Railway V K Gupta said more than five lakh multiple personal IDs and 44,000 IDs created by agents have been deactivated since February 2011 by the IT anti-fraud team of IRCTC as part of efforts to check misuse of ticketing service.

Opening time of tatkal booking was changed from 8 am to 10 am earlier this year.

Gupta said 62 pairs of special trains would be run this festive season to clear the rush of passengers.

Elaborate security arrangements have been made in major city stations with augmentation of workforce and ensuring proper crowd management, he said.

The arrangements also include timely placements of the rake at the platform and keeping a check on elements cornering seats in coaches.

Railways ease rush on Tatkal route

Booking of Tatkal tickets in the Railways starts at 10 am now, instead of 8 am, on the previous day of journey from the station where the train originates. The Railways has brought in changes to prevent the misuse of the Tatkal system. The new rule came into effect from July 10. Earlier, Tatkal reservations started at 8am for trains leaving the next day. Though technically counters for Tatkal reservations remained open throughout the day, the tickets were booked quickly. Travel agents and touts booked the tickets in bulk, leaving other customers in the lurch. Many of them failed to get tickets even after standing in queues from 6 in the morning. The system is different now as the Railways has barred travel agents and touts from booking tickets between 10 am and noon now.

How to book Tatkal tickets?
Under the new system, Tatkal tickets will be sold between 10am and 12 noon. Tokens will be issued at the entrance between 10 am and 11 am for people to queue up before the counters. All counters will issue only Tatkal tickets between 10 am and 10.30 am. People coming to book general tickets have to wait as there will be no general bookings for 30 minutes

Proposal for installing exclusive counters for Tatkal tickets
Many divisions of Railways have come out with new Tatkal counters to ease booking for Tatkal tickets and end confusion. But the South-Western Railway (SWR) is yet to introduce the facility. It is expected to introduce the special counters soon.

Tatkal tickets can be booked online
Tickets can be booked online on the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) website

Travel agents banned
Agents of the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), Rail Travellers’ Agents (RTA) and Rail Travellers’ Service Agents (RTSA) have been banned from booking Tatkal tickets during the two hours.

The Tatkal charges have been fixed at 10% of the basic fare for second class and 30% of the basic fare for all other classes subject to minimum and maximum.

Clarification on Identity proof for booking Tatkal Tickets

Instances have come to notice o­n issues concerning Photo Identity Proofs for issuing tickets under tatkal scheme, such as Photo Identity Cards issued by state Governments to their employees and Ration Cards issued by State Governments giving rise to complaints. The matter has been examined and it has been decided that:-

1)Only Identity Card issued by Central / State Governments with Serial Number will be accepted as identity for issue of Tatkal Tickets.

2)Ration Cards issued by State Governments shall be accepted as proof of identity for booking tickets Tatkal Scheme only if the passenger whose photograph is available o­n the Ration Card is travelling.

The above stipulations related to Photo Identity Cards will be applicable for undertaking journeys o­n e-tickets also.

IRCTC to set up anti-fraud squad at the internet ticketing centre

The Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has cracked whip on ticket agents, who charge up to five times more than the original e-ticket fee.They also hack into the website of the IRCTC to corner bulk of Tatkal tickets. Passengers being charged Rs. 100 for a confirmed train ticket by travel agents are actually being duped because the actual fee is just Rs 20.

The IRCTC has stumbled this scam recently. A software package has been developed by sub-agents via which they hack the IRCTC website and book Tatkal tickets at the opening hours of 8 to 9am.

This has led the IRCTC to fix an anti-fraud squad in the internet ticketing centre. Vigilance department has introduced new rules for booking e-tickets.

Henceforth, only one user can register on a single email ID for booking tickets. Agents have been barred to book normal as well as Tatkal tickets during the opening hours of the IRCTC website between 8 to 9am.

Also registration of sub-agents and all new principal has been stopped.

Western Railways introduce token system for Tatkal tickets

Railway administration has decided to introduce a token system from tomorrow for the convenience of commuters, who form queues till evening hours for seeking reservation for the next day at Reservation Centers at Ankleshwar, Bharuch, Anand and Nadiad.

Western Railway sources said passengers seeking Tatkal reservation for the next day in the morning hours are advised to form a queue on the nominated counter for getting token number in advance, so that they will not have to wait in long queues over night.

Accordingly token numbers will be issued on the requisition forms of the passengers after 2130 hrs up to 2200 hrs on Monday to Saturday and after 1500 hrs upto 1530 hrs on Sunday. Only one form will be accepted from one passenger.

The passenger, who has obtained token number, need not stay at the reservation counter during night and should be present at 0700 hrs in the morning and can occupy their counter number up to 0730 hrs. If any passenger turns-up after 0730 hrs, the token number allotted to him will be treated as cancelled and priority will be given to next token number or general passenger, who is next in the queue.

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