Railways using scrap to make wheels

NEW DELHI: The huge quantity of scrap generated by Railways is now making way to manufacturing units for production of wheels, thanks to the
innovation brought about in this field.

Senior Railway Board officials said the Railway Wagon Factory in Bangalore has made a major headway in this regard using about 1.2 lakh ton of scrap metals for rolling out wheels.

“Scrap will also be used at the Chhapra Wheel Plant,” they said.

The breakthrough came after the Bangalore plant reviewed the scrap, which mostly comprise worn out rail tracks, and made improvements in their metallurgy.

Railways also stand to save revenue with the in-house utilisation of scrap, officials said.

In fact, in-house utilisation of scrap was first recommended by a high-level committee, after which a study in re-utilising the scrap was taken up.

Interestingly, the breakthrough in utilising scrap comes at a time when the Railways have achieved the highest ever sales earning by selling scrap in the last financial year.

Railways earned Rs 3,005 crore by selling scrap, which is 9.8 per cent higher than the sales of previous years, officials said.