Indian Railways evaluates new methods of disposing waste

In an attempt to go green over garbage handling, the Indian Railways is evaluating new methods to ensure that it is disposed only at designated locations, a senior official said here.

“We are trying to think of new methods of solid waste management and are looking at some methods to crush solid garbage on the train itself to make it more manageable,” Rakesh Tandon, MD Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) said.

“We are also evaluating non-burning methods to deal with the garbage and some firms have shown interest (in such projects). We are exploring the possibilities,” Tandon said.

Indian Railways, which is the largest rail network in Asia, operates close to 11,000 trains daily of which at least 7,000 are passenger trains.

Each passenger train generates approximately 150 kg of garbage daily, only part of which is bio-degradable, and there were problems in managing such large quantities of garbage, he said.

IRCTC was also considering to introduce garbage disposal units on the train itself which would able to dispose vegetable and other bio-degradable waste.

The Railways has already designated 600 stations across the country which would be responsible for the handling of garbage and caterers are instructed to carry sufficient material on board train to ensure cleanliness, Tandon said.