Now, recharge your phone at rly stations

MUMBAI: In a passenger-friendly initiative, the railway ministry has decided that recharge coupons for cellphones will be available for sale at STD/PCO booths of railway stations. All zonal railways are being permitted to allow this sale from the existing STD/PCO booths at stations. The coupons will be actually available after 8-10 days.

“The STD/PCO booths opting for the scheme will be required to display a sign, `recharge coupons for mobile phones are available’. They will not be allowed to display the names of service providers,” an official said.

Initially, the approval is being granted for a year, up to June 30, 2011. Thereafter, the scheme will be reviewed by the railway board on the basis of information regarding number of booths opting for the scheme, additional licence fee realised etc, to be received from all zonal railways.