More comfortable journeys on double-decker train in the offing

More comfortable journey for passengers travelling on the new coaches of double- decker train is in the offing as many changes have been incorporated in them, including the number of seats that have been reduced to 120 from 128 after their redesigning at Rail Coach Factory here.

Several crucial changes have been made by RCF engineers based on the feedback received from passengers and railway officials who travelled on the first double-decker train operating between Howrah and Dhanbad stations since October 2011.

Senior RCF PRO Virender Kumar Vij said that 17 newly-designed coaches were rolled out from the factory on March 31 and had undergone field trials on the Delhi-Jaipur track.

“Basically, we have reduced the width of coaches by 80mms as there was some operational problem with the previous coaches as platforms were extended at some stations due to repair or other reasons. By reducing the coach width, this problem has been sorted out,” he said claiming that “this is the optimised standard design prepared by RCF officials”.

Apart from reduction in the number of seats, reclining chairs have been installed. Also, half of the seats would now be in one direction and others in opposite direction, with a snack table in the centre, added Vij.

Interiors of the coaches have been worked upon to improve aesthetic aspect.

Another rake is ready to be rolled out in the first week of June to be run between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. By the end of this year, two more rakes for Southern Railway (Chennai to Bangalore) and for West Central Railway (Habibganj to Indore) would be rolled out from RCF, he added.

“Senior railways officials are highly impressed with the newly designed coaches and it is expected that these coaches will replace the existing Shatabdi coaches all over the country in the near future,” he said.

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Railways to launch fireproof coaches

The Rail Coach Factory (RCF) at Kapurthala in Punjab has started manufacturing fireproof coaches. The railways intends to replace all outdated and general coaches with fireproof coaches.

According to a Railway Board official, fireproof coaches made of stainless steel have been produced on trial basis. Their design and other safety measures have been approved by technical experts. Under the new design, approved by the board, the curtains and other fittings inside the AC coaches are fire resistant. These fireproof coaches are being made of superfine stainless steel, he said.

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RCF rolls out first AC double-decker coach

The first air-conditioned double decker coach was rolled out by the Rail Coach Factory (RCF), Kapurthala, on Wednesday for oscillation trials on the Delhi-Muradabad section.

The RCF will start manufacturing the double decker coaches after the oscillation trials are completed successfully. These futuristic high speed,stainless steel AC coaches would be introduced to cater to the heavy rush of commuters in high density corridors offering AC travel at a low cost.

The first double decker train would be seen running on rail tracks by end of this year. The new coaches will have all the features and the comforts of a Shatabdi coach, said Pradeep Kumar, RCF General Manager.

A totally new coach shell design capable of running at a speed of 160 kmph was developed by RCF engineers in tandem with Research Design and Standard Organisation (RDSO) within a span of just nine months. In the new design, 128 passengers can be seated as compared to 78 passengers in Shatabdi chair cars, thus increasing the capacity by almost 70 per cent.

The overall height of double decker coach has been increased marginally (four and a half inches) keeping in view the constraints like overhead structures, bridges, electric traction equipment, platforms etc so that these coaches can be used without modifying any of the fixed structures except for clearing some minor infringements. Space for the two decks has been generated by optimally using the well space between two bogies. To save upon space, it was decided to use end-on-generation configuration where power for train lighting and air-conditioning is supplied by two power cars, attached at both ends of the train.

This coach is fitted with a control discharge toilet system, said Kumar

RCF bags Greentech Environment award

Rail Coach Factory (RCF) has bagged the prestigious Greentech Environment Excellence Gold Award 2009 consecutively for the second year. RCF General Manager Pradeep Kumar received the award from Greentech Foundation in the 10th Annual Greentech Conference on Environment Management held at Kovalam (Kerala) on October 12. More than 300 corporate houses, Public Sector Undertakings, Government bodies, NGOs and others, participated in the conference.

Selected Companies were awarded the Greentech Environment Excellence Gold and Silver Awards across many categories such as Cement, Engineering, Construction, Hospitality, Chemicals and Fertilisers etc.

RCF has taken many strides to conserve energy and made its contribution to sustainable environment management. About 7000 tubelights of 40 Watts tube lights have been replaced with 28 Watts energy saving fittings. Now Indian Railways have also entered into a contract with a US company under a CDM Project to replace all the incandescent lights with CFLs and work on this project is likely to start soon. Measures have also been taken to improve the design of RCF built coaches to make them environment friendly by using Controlled Discharge Toilets System to eliminate filth from the station area as this system operates when the train picks up a speed of 30 kmph.

Further, to achieve zero discharge of toilet waste, eco- friendly biological toilets have also been developed. RCF has already acquired ISO 9001-2000 certification and was the first organisation in the country to obtain ISO-14001 certification for both workshop and township. The GM emphasised the need to make a shift from private transportation to public transportation in a big way and construct green buildings to save the energy for future generation. He congratulated RCF officials for their contribution in achieving eco-friendly environment and urged them to present the factory as a model of sustainable development to the rest of the world

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RCF manufactures nano coated coaches

Rail Coach Factory (RCF), a production unit under the Ministry of Railways, with its strong design, development and coach manufacturing capabilities has added yet another artifact to its glorious range of products. It has now started the production of Stainless Steel Coaches encrusted with nano-coating paint technology. A Shatabdi rake with nano-coating was rolled out from Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala in the presence of Shri Pradeep Kumar, General Manager/RCF. The 21 coach rake, comprising of 16 AC chair cars, 2 Executive chair cars and 3 power cars, is slated to run between Mumbai and Ahmedabad on Western Railway. Speaking on the occasion, Shri Pradeep Kumar said that RCF is committed to bring world class technology, at a cost which is affordable to the Indians. With series production of nano coated coaches, the railway passengers will get a feel of Euro style trains in India.

These new look coaches with metallic nano-coating, have improved exterior finish and better gloss. The ultra-thin top coat also has anti-graffiti and dust-repellent properties, which will help the railways in keeping its coaches clean from any kind of slogan writing or spoiling by anti-social elements. The leading luxury car manufacturers viz. Mercedez and BMW are using this technology to achieve a long-lasting pearl effect with self-cleaning effect on the cars. RCF is also planning to use nano-coating on the walls inside the lavatories of coaches for maintaining better hygiene and make them free from graffiti.

Using this technology, cycle time for painting has also considerably reduced which will help RCF in producing more stainless steel coaches in future. Apart from being cost effective, the painting process is also eco-friendly. With introduction of pigmented Nano-Coating technology for Stainless Steel coaches, RCF has now become the first manufacturer in the World to adopt it on railways. This new variant will be tried out in field before starting series production with nano-coating.

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