Railways’ online tracking site now to have info of all trains

Expanding its facility, Railways have included all trains under its online train tracking service, trainenquiry.com, providing updated information about their movements.

According to a statement issued today, train running information can also be sources by sending SMS to 139. All that one has to do is type ‘SPOT’ and send it to 139.

The development comes in the wake of real-time train tracking system SIMRAN (Satellite Imaging for Rail Navigation) developed by IIT-Kanpur shutting down operations recently.

The agreement between Railways and IIT-Kanpur has come to an end for running the project on September 30, sources in the Railways said.

While SIMRAN provided information of only 36 selected Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains, the statement said, information on all these trains would be available on ‘www.trainenquiry.com’.

SIMRAN was launched by the then Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi as a pilot project in October last year.