Guidelines on Proper Booking of e-tickets Through Authorised Agents

With a view to eliminate any fraud such as tampering of Electronic Reservation Slips (ERS), overcharging etc., in case of booking of e-tickets through the Agent Outlets for train journey reservations, South Central Railway is taking up public awareness campaign on e-ticketing. In this connection, passengers are requested to be conversant with following procedures regarding booking of e-tickets through Authorised Agents in order to avoid any problem.

The passengers need to check if it is an Authorized Agent Outlet before booking their ticket. The details of Authorized Agent Outlets are available o¬n the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) Website: Further they should verify that the photo-ID and the authorization certificate of the Agent are prominently displayed at the agent outlet.

Passengers should invariably fill up the booking/cancellation request slip for the booking/cancellation of the e-tickets. They shoud insist that theirmobile numbers are fed into the system correctly by the Agent. Passengers will receive a SMS containingdetails of theirbooking including fare and service charges from the IRCTC immediately as confirmation of the booking. This SMS serves as a valid ticket. Passengers may show it to Travelling Ticket Examinor along with their proof of identity during travel. Passengers need not carry a printout of the e-ticket. This measure will help save paper towards creating greener environment.

After taking the printout of the ticket, the passengers should ensure that the name of the Principal Agent,name of the Agent Outlet booking the ticket along with address and contact number are printed o¬n the e-tickets. Passenger should obtain a receipt for all booking / cancellations,

Passengers must carry any o¬ne of the prescribed proof of identities, in original, during their journey. (Voter Identity Card / Passport / PAN Card / Aadhaar Card (UID) / Driving License / Photo Identity Card issued by the Central / State Govt. / Student Identity Card with photograph issued by recognized School/College for their Students / Nationalized Bank Pass Book with photograph / Credit Card with laminated photograph.)

Passengers need not pay more than the approved Service Charges.Service Charges per e-ticket irrespective of number of passengers o¬n the ticket:- IRCTC Service charge of Rs. 20/- and Agent Service Charge of Rs. 20/- are payable for AC First Class, AC II Tier, AC III Tier Classes and Rs. 10/- towards IRCTC service charge and Rs. 10/- towards Agent Service Charge for booking in Sleeper Class and General Second Class, apart from payment gateway charges as applicable. E-tickets can be cancelled through the same Agent Outlet without any additional Service Charge for cancellation.

There are no additional charges for printing of tickets or stationery or cancellation of e-tickets. If the agent demands more than the prescribed Service Charges, Passengers are advised to lodge a complaint at or or o¬n Phone Nos. 011-23745962, 011-39340000.

Passenger should not buy e-tickets from agents during 8 AM to 12 Noon. The Website- is open exclusively for the individual users from 8 am to 12 Noon. If any passenger is found travelling with Normal / Tatkal Reserved e-tickets booked by unauthorized persons / touts during the above period, his ticket is liable to be cancelled and penal action will be initiated under the Railways Act.,5,268&dcd=2411&did=1368610635538A7669A97D173695DCD439A960472B01F.web107SCR’s Advisory to Rail Passengers on Proper Booking of e-tickets Through Authorised Agents

Immune to toothless law, touts derail surveillance

Despite repeated drives against touts who illegally sell rail tickets at a premium, the offenders, exploiting loopholes in the law, get away with mere payment of a fine even after being caught as many as six times, officials admit.

“Under the Railways Act, for touting one can only be fined Rs. 5,000 or be imprisoned for a maximum of six months or both,” an official said.

Exercise blunted

Senior officials insist that though checking has been intensified by the Anti-Fraud Squad at booking centres and reservation counters, on platforms and inside trains, and raids have been conducted across areas under Northern Railway, their helplessness in keeping touts behind bars for long periods has blunted the exercise.

After about 120 preventive checks this month, 74 persons were apprehended and handed over to the Railway Police Force for prosecution, a senior official said: “Northern Railway also organised raids on the premises of authorised and unauthorised ticketing agencies in order to prevent blocking of reservation under fictitious names and subsequent sale of transferred tickets.”

During these checks, 52 touts, seven unauthorised JTBSs [Jansadharan Ticket Booking Sewak] were prosecuted under Sections 143/144 of the Railway Act and two passengers were found travelling on transferred tickets.

But, in the end, nothing substantive came out of this as the touts were back at their business once they came out on bail after paying the fine, the official said.

‘Tighter provisions’

“We need tighter provisions and punishment for frequent defaulters. I think the law should be made stricter for the touts who have started taking it for granted,” said another senior railway official.