Agitators warned against climbing loco’s rooftop in TN

The Administration of the Tiruchirapalli and Salem division of the Southern Railway has warned agitators not to go near the electric traction as it would endanger their lives. A Southern railway press release yesterday said that in the recent rail-roko incidents, agitators were found atop locos with flags in large numbers. Railway traction distribution wire carries 25,000 Volts. So, it is dangerous to climb atop loco, and such agitators were hereby warned not to go near the electric traction.

Also disrupting rail traffic is a punishable offence under Railways Act 1989 Section 174. Offenders are liable for two years imprisonment or fine up to Rs 2,000 or both, it added. It also warned that voltage of the overhead lines of the electrified railway tracks is 25,000 volts and any person coming within the vicinity of 2 meters distance from the overhead traction, will suffer severe electric shock. Even the top of the electric locomotives are of 25,000 volts electric system and if anybody climbs on the top of the electric locomotive, he is likely to get electrocuted.