Now, battery cars for physically challenged at rly stns

ALLAHABAD: World Disabled Day was a good enough reason to bring smile on those hundreds of faces who dream of travelling in a train but their physical disability stands as a barrier.

The Allahabad division of North Central Railway would now ply battery operated cars at some of the selected stations to help physically challenged people so that they can easily board the train without facing problems. The decision to introduce the cars had been taken in tune with the directives of Railway Board. The battery operated cars would be available at Allahabad, Kanpur, Firozabad, Fatehpur, Aligarh, Tundla and Mirzapur which come under the Allahabad division of North Central Railway.

It has been generally observed that the disabled and old passengers face a considerable amount of difficulty in making movement on the platforms and boarding the trains. Though there is provision of the wheel-chair but it is seldom used. Further, it requires additional manpower to ferry the disabled and the old persons to the respective platforms. To ease their problem, these cars have been designed to carry them on the platforms, this service would be available round the clock at the station and no fees would be charged for using this service. There were many instances where disabled persons had met with serious accidents while boarding the train. But with the arrival of this special vehicle, the problems of the disabled and elderly persons would be mitigated to a certain extent.

To make arrangements for the passengers, Railways had invited proposals from the private party. The latter would be entitled to display the advertisement on the vehicles panel with certain conditions which include that no charge would be levied either from the passenger or from the Railways. Railways will provide only free electricity for charging the batteries of the vehicle. Party shall be allowed to advertise on the panel of the vehicle which shall be bound by the guidelines stipulated for advertisement on the railway premises. The vehicle shall be used to cater only the disabled and old aged passengers. An agreement with the party shall be entered into for a period of maximum one year. Repair, maintenance and replacement, if required will be done by the party.

Spokesperson, North Central Railway RD Bajpai informed TOI that the facility of battery operated cars at the stations would go a long way in ameliorating the problems of the handicapped and old persons.

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