Polyester-made bed rolls for rail passengers

New Delhi, Feb 2 (PTI) Faced with increasing complaints about unhygienic bedrolls being provided in trains, the Railways have decided to replace the present lot with polyester-made ones across all classes of travel.

This will help the railways attain the two-fold aim of ensuring delivery of clean bed rolls and maintaining their durability, a railway official said.

He said Railways have also decided to replace the bed rolls every one-and-half year instead of three years.

“Instructions have been issued to all railway zones to switch over to polyester materials,” the official said, adding, the replacement will be done in a phased manner.

Railways’ also plan to set up state-of-the-art laundry units to provide clean bedsheets, blankets, pillow covers and towels in trains, the official said.

The official said the plan to introduce biodegradable bedrolls has been dropped.


Railway officials to ‘adopt’ stations, trains

LUDHIANA: Taking an initiative towards making employees more responsible towards their work and simultaneously bringing about an improvement in the
condition of stations and trains, the railway authorities have devised a new plan wherein the officials would be made to adopt a particular station, train or even both. The officers would be held accountable towards any discrepancy existing on the stations or trains that they have ‘adopted’.

The concerned officer would have to look after everything right from the food quality to the condition of waiting rooms and he has to submit a report to the higher authorities.

Sources revealed the authorities would be providing a free hand to the officials to question the staff deployed at stations or in trains. They would be required to submit a monthly or bi-monthly report to the zonal manager, who would review the report for implementing the new measures.

Each official, who adopts the railway station or train or both, would make surprise visits to the station for checking the quality of drinking water and food along with inspecting the condition of waiting rooms and toilets. He would also assess security arrangements and overall passenger amenities.

Similarly, officials in charge of trains would take stock of timings and delays, quality of food provided in the train, condition of coaches, the overall level of hygiene and cleanliness in toilets and address complaints of passengers.

Though, as of now, the scheme has been implemented in the Delhi division only, it would be extended to other divisions as well. In the meantime, divisional railway manager, Ferozepur division, Satish Chander convened a meeting where all the station superintendents were handed over the charge of stations like Ludhiana, Jammu, Amritsar and Jalandhar.

The authorities have been handed over the complete charge of stations to the superintendents. They have full authority to ask questions from any department, concerning a problem. Earlier, work was kept pending as it involved the clearance from many officers.

The step envisages at making officials more accountable and responsible towards improving railway services, informed the divisional railway manager, Satish Chander. He further asserted that the scheme has already been implemented in Delhi division and the first report of their drive would come in August. After which it would be extended to all the five divisions under Northern Railways. “However, for the time being we have made the station superintendents responsible for all these jobs,” he added.