Now, railway officers to monitor upkeep of trains

For ensuring better upkeep and maintenance of trains, North Central Railway has launched Own Your Train Scheme (OYTS). Under the plan, senior railway authorities would be allocated trains. They would monitor the upkeep of coaches and the facilities being provided to passengers. Complaints would be forwarded to the department concerned of Railways for action.

The trains selected under NCR include Prayag Raj Express, Allahabad-New Delhi Duranto Express, Kanpur-New Delhi Shatabdi Express, Allahabad-Haridwar Express, Allahabad-Mathura Express, Sangam Express, Link Express, Sharm Shakti Express, Kanpur-Pratapgarh Express, Jhansi-Lucknow Intercity Express, Barauni-Gwalior Express, Chambal Express, Agra Fort-Ajmer Intercity Express, Allahabad-Faziabad Express, Chindwara-Jhansi Pathankot Express, Bhopal-Gwalior Express, Chindwara-Gwalior Express and Lucknow-Agra Intercity Express.

Under the OYTS scheme, officers of senior administrative grade would be allocated a particular train for monitoring its maintenance and upkeep. The officers would also inspect the facilities being offered to passengers, prepare a report and send it to the department concerned for action.