Mumbai Sale of tourist tickets rises on Mumbai locals

Tourist tickets that enable travelling on all the lines have emerged as popular amongst tourists and commuters, statistics revealed. Statistics reveal that, compared to last year, there is a 54% growth in the sale of first class tourist tickets in the Central Railway (CR) in 2010-11 and 66% in the s
econd class.

In Western Railway (WR), there is a 60% growth in the sale of first class tickets and 72% growth in the sale of second-class tickets.

On the Central line, 1,13,932 first class tourist tickets, and 51,528 second class tourist tickets were sold in 2010-11.

The railways offer three kinds of tourist tickets. To travel on all lines for a day in first class, a commuter will have to pay Rs170. For three days, it is Rs330 and for 5 days it is Rs390.

These tickets are sold for second class travel with lesser charges: Rs50 for a day, Rs90 for three days and Rs105 for five days.

Sharat Chandrayan, chief public relation officer of CR, said: “There was a campaign held to promote these tourist tickets amongst commuters during Diwali and at the end of the year. Not only tourists, but even regular commuter who wish to travel long distance once in a while prefer tourist tickets.”

“These tickets are popular amongst commuters during festivals such as Ganesh Chathurti or Diwali. It is convenient for them as they can hop into any train without worrying about the ticket,” said a CR official, in condition of anonymity.

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