Role of ‘COFMOW’ in Indian Railways

Central Organisation for Modernization of Workshop (COFMOW) headquartered in New Delhi is a centralized agency of the Indian Railways responsible for modernization of Railway Workshop/Production Units and for carrying out procurement of specialized machinery and plant and induction of Modern workshop technologies. The database already exists with COFMOW for M&P which is most regularly used by the Indian Railways. COFMOW is maintaining a detailed compendium containing updated technical specifications of all the Machinery and Plants being most regularly used in the various running Maintenance Sheds, Workshops, Production Units across the various Railways in India. COFMOW is also maintaining a vendor directory in which sources for machines regularly procured by COFMOW are included. COFMOW undertakes continuous updation of the data base by including sources based on the latest technologies available in the market. It also undertakes revision of the machine specifications to suit the specific requirements of Railways based on a continual interaction with manufactures and the Railway units.