Book on ‘Disaster Management in the Indian Railways’

New Delhi, Feb 24: Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav today released a book, titled ‘Disaster Management in the Indian Railways’ authored by Minister of State for Railways Dr. R.Velu.

Congratulating Dr. Velu for his book, Yadav said that the Indian Railways is the lifeline of the nation and has frequently played an important role in the management of all kinds of disasters.

“Dr. Velu’s individual efforts to review disaster management on Indian Railways through his book are commendable,” he added.

Yadav opined that this book will not only benefit the students and researchers engaged in the study of disaster management but will also go a long way in helping the Railway administration to review and implement the suggested recommendations so as to bring further improvement in disaster management activities on Indian Railways.

Dr. Velu said that his book presents in details the existing system and changes creeping into the Railway system.

“Dealing of similar incidents by the other international railway systems is also discussed for the sake of comparison which proceeds to reaffirm the holistic approach as is now being followed in the Indian Railways too,” he added.

He expressed his gratitude to General N.C.Vij, Vice Chairman, National Disaster Management Authority and is members for sparing their precious time for discussions on the subject and also express his sincere thanks to the faculty of the Department of Politics and Public Administration and Vice Chancellor, University of Madras for facilitating the study which helped him get the Doctorate and for giving shaping this book.