Automation of Rail Land Development Authority

After the completion of computerization, RLDA’s next project is to automated Railways land management for which it plans to deploy an ERP system according to it’s Joint General Manager-IT, Ashok Kumar Gupta

Indian Railways (IR) has hectares of vacant land and waste land that is not required for operational purposes in the foreseeable future. Such land would be identified by the zonal railways and the details thereof would be advised to the Railway Board. These plots of land would thereafter be entrusted to the Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) by the Railway Board in phases for commercial development. The business processes involved had to be standardized and automated.

RLDA is an autonomous body created under the Ministry of Railways by a Special Act of Parliament. As the organization’s staff is not well-versed in IT it is a Herculean task to create an environment for the implementation of an IT project. To provide good governance and make an IT project successful is the biggest challenge that we faced.

The ERP system for land management will have modules for land management, project management, employee management and financial management with regular and exceptional MIS and real-time alerts to all concerned.

The process of developing a request for proposal (RFP) is already on in order to select the appropriate vendors/system integrators for facilitating the implementation of the ERP system and provide the requisite hardware and network components.

For a smoother flow of information

Computerization kicked of with a government-centric mission i.e. technology within, for facilitating the flow of information within a department and later from one department to another. But now with the introduction of e-governance projects, the transformation has been effected and information is no longer the privilege of a select few but rather it flows from the government to the citizens. This is how e-governance has become helpful to the common man who can now interact with the system directly and have his grievances redressed rather than depend upon the middlemen in the hierarchy who have been fleecing the common man.

About RLDA

Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) is a statutory Authority, under the Ministry of Railways, set-up by an Amendment to the Railways Act, 1989, for development of vacant railway land for commercial use for the purpose of generating revenue by non-tariff measures.

– As told to Vinita Gupta

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