Now cockroach free trains can be a reality

In the middle of night a passenger shrieking at the sight of a cockroach is enough to give sleepless nights to others in the coach. Knowing, the creature is not for damage, travelling with the swarming cockroaches can never be a happy journey.

To have pests in railway compartments is never a welcome experience. But with the Railways awarding a three-fold contract to a private agency to rid trains of the pesky creatures there could be a respite in sight.

The effort has started from January this year. The agency will be responsible for warding off rats, cockroaches and also mosquitoes from the compartments much to the passengers’ relief.

The pests are not confined to non-AC coaches but are common in AC coaches as well. Keep open a pack of biscuits and there they come, all around it. But, avoiding the unwanted creatures is not possible for passengers who have no choice left but to board the trains full of pests and rodents.

So far Railways have extended a plea that it has made lot of efforts to rid the trains of rodents and pests but they always keep coming back. However, now there could be some change expected for all the trains originating from Lucknow division of Northern Railway (NR).