GRP returns lost, stolen mobile phones worth 7.5L to owners

The GRP made Independence Day sweeter for 59 Mumbaikars by returning their cellphones which were either left behind or stolen on the railways. “The value of the 59 handsets we recovered is Rs 7.5 lakh. Many of them are high-end phones,” said senior inspector R V Trivedi
Usually, the police focus on tracing handsets which have been stolen and not much importance is given to lost cellphones. “We decided to focus on lost handsets too. Our teams contacted mobile service providers across the country. After tracing the user, he was informed that the phone belonged to a Mumbai resident,” said an official.

Independence Day security also helped the GRP nab a four-member gang within two hours of their having stolen a smartphone on Wednesday.

HELP AT HAND GRP helpline number: 9833331111
WHERE TO REPORT THEFTS ON RAILWAYS For local trains and station areas: Nearest GRP outpost

For long-distance trains: RPF men escorting the train carry blank FIR forms. The complaint is later transferred to the GRP, when the train terminates IMEI NUMBER IS KEY | This 15-digit number is unique to a cellphone; carriers and police can use it to track stolen handsets. Each time a SIM card registers on the mobile network, the IMEI number is requested from the cellphone. If the IMEI no is blacklisted, the handset will be blocked or tracked How to locate IMEI no: Type *#06#, and then write it down.

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Sex crime on train? Dial helpline of East Central Rly

The East Central Railway (ECR) has deployed additional security personnel at all vulnerable places under its five divisions for the safety of women passengers on railway platforms and running trains.

According to ECR GM B P Khare, railways has directed its five divisions to set up a separate control room to ensure the security of women passengers, especially on running trains. The ECR has set up a helpline cell for this purpose having the number 09771425718. Women passengers can dial this number in case of any problem facing them on running trains or on railway platforms, he said.

According to ECR’s chief security commissioner (CSC) of RPF Sanjay Kumar, 42 woman constables headed by nine woman sub-inspectors have been deployed at all major stations, including Patna Junction, and RPF personnel have been working in coordination with GRP staff. About 400 long-distance mail and express trains passing or originating from ECR’s divisions are being heavily escorted by both RPF and GRP men, he said, adding railway security personnel in mufti have also been travelling in a few select trains to keep a watch on women passengers and ensure foolproof security to them.

Kumar said the railways has also displayed mobile numbers of RPF and GRP officials in a few long-distance trains so that passengers, particularly women, could contact them in emergency. “Mock drills are being held frequently to check railway security personnel alertness while escorting trains,” he said.

To provide assistance to women on platforms, railways has set up a helpline booth at Patna Junction. This facility is also available at other major stations falling under the ECR. These helpline booths are being managed by woman RPF constables on platforms. About 5,577 men were recently caught by RPF for travelling in women compartments and railways realized a sum of Rs21.42 lakh as fine from them, CSC Kumar said.

According to Kumar, RPF personnel have been carrying out random luggage check on platforms. Long-distance trains originating from Patna Junction are now under strict surveillance of RPF and GRP personnel. Train ticket examiners have been instructed to keep an eye on miscreants on running trains. In case of any suspect, they should inform the railway security personnel or directly to railway security control room, he said.

RPF gives track death lessons at schools, colleges

To curb trespassing, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) on the Western line has drawn up a list of chronic spots and launched a lecture series in schools and colleges located around it. The aim, say officials, is not only to make youths aware of the danger involved, but also to ensure that they go home and dissuade their parents from taking a short cut across the tracks.

According to GRP statistics, 1,447 were killed due to trespassing of the total 2,551 accidental deaths on railway lines till September this year, which comes to 57%.

“The chronic locations are Jogeshwari, Kandivli, Khar, Mahim, Virar, Nalasopara, Dadar and Elphinstone Road stations. In several instances, commuters, particularly youngsters who plug in earphones while walking have lost lives unable to hear the motorman honking,” said a RPF official. “Hopping across tracks to change platforms or jumping over track dividers is observed routinely. To discourage this, we decided to start a series of lectures in schools and colleges. We feel if youngsters are convinced, a bulk of the problem is solved.”

The series began earlier this week. RPF personnel visit institutions and get in touch with the management. At least two personnel equipped with data and facts present the lecture. Transport experts say that more infrastructure projects which will provide alternate and quicker transportation are needed. The RPF also sought GRP help for the drive.

More women now report about crimes on trains

There are more reported incidents of crime against women passengers during train journeys. This fact is verified by the number of complaints registered through the helpline numbers of government railway police (GRP) and railway protection force (RPF). However, senior officials of both forces said it didn’t indicate an increase in the crime rate. More women come forward and register their complaints, particularly after the Soumya murder, they said.

In 2011, GRP registered 40 cases that include molestation and eve teasing, while till July 24, 2012 they have already registered 40 cases. Similar is the case with RPF 22 were registered in 2011, while this year 25 cases have been filed till July.

The RPF (9995040000) and GRP (9846200100) helplines are witnessing more calls since last year, officials said.

Southern Railway Thiruvananthapuram divisional security commissioner K J Joy said women passengers, who faced an issue, avoided legal procedures and related tangles. “This reluctance prevented many cases from getting reported and I believe that despite our efforts there are unfortunate incidents.

There are more registered cases now because women passengers want justice and we ensure it from our side. I am glad that families are supporting them, which is the need of the hour.

To avoid situations like last week – when the RPF personnel released an offender – we have instructed our men to follow rules stringently,” Joy said. Echoing similar sentiments, GRP SP, Rajan John said that the significant increase is also due to the response and help both forces facilitate. “The smooth coordination we enjoy with RPF and local police help us to take up all requests, even pleas for medical help. However, absence of personnel is an impediment,” Rajan said. Official said, GRP has 500 personnel in Kerala and RPF has close to 750.

But the force is insufficient argue officials. Meanwhile GRP has launched a new initiative titled ‘Subhayathramangalam’ under which passengers can register complaints with beat officers on trains and avail a copy of the complaint immediately.

Passenger need not go to police station to keep track of the case, they can get case procedure details through a telephone call.

Thiruvananthapuram: There are more reported incidents of crime against women passengers during train journey, reveals the complaints registered through the helpline numbers of government railway police (GRP) and railway protection force (RPF). However, senior officials of both these forces said it didn’t indicate an increase in crime rate but only proves that more women now come forward to register their complaints, particularly after the Saumya murder.

In 2011, GRP registered 40 cases that include molestation and eve teasing, while in the year 2012 up to July 24, they have already registered 40 cases. Similar is the case with RPF which registered 22 cases of crime against women in 2011, but already filed 25 cases up to July 2012.

The RPF helpline 9995040000 and GRP’s 9846200100 are witnessing an increase in calls since last year, officials said.

K J Joy, Southern Railway Thiruvananthapuram divisional security commissioner, said that previously women passengers who faced an issue had used to avoid legal procedures and related tangles. “That prevented many cases from getting reported and I believe that despite our efforts to remain vigil there are situations occurring when the modesty of a woman is outraged. The rise in cases registered is because women passengers now want justice and since we ensure that, they are coming forward. I am glad that their families are supporting them, which is the need of the hour. To avoid situations like last week when the RPF personnel released an offender we have instructed the force to follow rules stringently,” Joy said.

Echoing this, GRP SP, Rajan John said that significant increase in response is result of both forces facilitating support for the passengers.

“The smooth coordination we have with RPF and local police are helping us to meet the demands and both our helplines are receiving pleas for even medical help. However absence of personnel is an impediment affecting both of us,” Rajan pointed put.

While GRP just has 500 personnel for the state, RPF has close to 750 personnel, which according to officials are too low to meet the demands.

Meanwhile GRP has also launched ‘Subhayathramangalam’, a venture under which passengers can register complaints with beat officers on train and avail a copy of the complaint immediately. The scheme is to help passenger avoid going to police station and receive details on case procedure through telephone.

Station staff to help in case of bomb scare

To beef up the security at Charbagh station, GRP has revised the bomb drill. The idea is to involve every staff present at the station to speed up the search operation in case of any bomb threat at the station. The Government Railway Police (GRP) held the first briefing of the staff on the drill on Wednesday. “We will assign the area of responsibility to vendors and sanitary staff tomorrow,” Amitabh Yash, SP Railways said.

The drill will upgrade the profile of security at the station. Till now, in case of any bomb scare, it used to take at least three hours to sanitise the station area. Station officials said though the bomb drill has been revised in the wake of August 15, it will continue even after the independence day. While the railways station staff will help in searching the bomb, security personnel will intensify checking.

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GRP to train commuters to fight terror

Mumbai: To be able to fend off a crisis, the Government Railway Police has decided to train regular commuters in basic counter-terror and disaster management techniques. The training sessions will start in October on station premises. Titled ‘Operation Savdhan’, the project has already received a good response from commuters, wanting to get themselves registered for training.

“Training sessions will be conducted for three to four hours by senior policemen. The time and venue will be fixed after consulting the participants. Stations like CST have large halls where more than 400 people can be coached at the same time,’’ additional DGP Raj Khilnani said.

People will be instructed on staying alert and what they need to look out for. A briefing will also be given on habitual criminals. “We won’t impart any physical training. Our officers will demonstrate how commuters can use common sense during a crisis. If people are willing to go for advanced training, we will give it a thought,’’ an official said.

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Catchy stickers to educate passengers

LUCKNOW: The Government Railway Police (GRP) has roped in telecom companies to help it in its awareness generation drive. On Friday, two of the telecom companies handed over to GRP a set of hand bills and stickers containing information about GRP helplines and simple dos and don’ts for passengers. “The stickers are colourful and eye-catching,” said A K Jain, ADG (railways).

The GRP men pasted the stickers in some of the trains like Awadh Assam Express and at platforms so that passengers can read the printed information. On the other hand, Lucknow division of North Eastern Railway (NER) has urged passengers purchasing unreserved tickets from the UTS counters at stations of NER to be cautious.

The passengers have been urged to verify the details of the tickets that they buy. The last four digits of ticket number printed on the upper right hand corner of ticket should be checked and matched with the digits printed by the printer. If the two do not match, matter should be brought to the notice of booking supervisor/station manager. Railways has come across instances where booking clerks have been found involved in the fraud.

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GRP makes success of public-police liaison

Providing yeoman service at railway stations across Haryana, they have come to be the eyes and ears of the Government Railway Police (GRP). An initiative to make railway stations safer for passengers by appointing rail wardens from among the public by the GRP has made a success of the public-police liaison, the police department has been trying so hard to push.

And, the addition to GRP’s extended family stands as evidence of the initiative’s success. Beginning with 10 members each in all districts across Haryana, the GRP has as many as 1,200 rail wardens on its rolls less than 10 months after its launch and the family continues to grow.

To help the railway authorities curb the menace of unsafe journey, the GRP Rail Warden Association was registered in October 2008 at the behest of IG (Railways) KK Mishra. The work on ground by the rail wardens was ably executed by SP (Railways) Bharti Arora.

“The department was particularly worried about the incidents of pick-pocketing and drugging passengers and cheating, especially foreigners. The only way to check these incidents was to involve the public in policing. Accordingly, a meeting of the GRP authorities along with prominent citizens of the city was organised and the rail warden association formed,” says Vijay Kumar Vatsya, the nominated honorary general secretary of the association.

The association was instituted at the district level and SHOs of the Railway Police at respective stations were made presidents of the district association whereas respective RPF officers were made the vice-presidents while the GRP rail wardens were given the duty of secretary of the association.

The association maintains that it has made a good beginning and positive results have started pouring in. While information about the safety and security of the people and passengers in particular is being provided to the police authorities by the rail wardens, headway has been made in checking drug trafficking, chain snatching and theft of valuables while anti-social elements are being watched.

The police department admits their contribution in making rail travel safer for passengers. “Unclaimed bags with over 12 kg contraband was recovered by rail wardens in Ambala on two occasions. Besides, a number of pickpockets were arrested in the past few months and smuggling of liquor has been checked. We hold regular meetings with rail wardens to update them about our requirements and review the progress from time to time,” says Mishra.

Since the rail wardens are people from all walks of life and all age groups, including rickshaw pullers and vendors, who act as good informers to the department, the senior officers, through regular interface, also try to know the difficulties faced by the former in the execution of their duties. The next meeting of the secretaries of the rail warden associations of the districts is slated for June 21.

Meanwhile, the association has decided to publish a quarterly magazine named “Safe Rail” in which the efforts and achievements of the association will be elaborated and these will be displayed at the railway stations.

The idea is not only to provide a platform to rail wardens to exchange views but also to provide valuable information to check the modus operandi of the anti-social elements in the vicinity of railway stations. A non-government organisation, the members of association are doing social service on honorary basis.

In fact, so enthused is the police department with the response to this scheme that it was presented at one of the two most successful experiments in the field of community policing at a national seminar on the same subject in Bhopal last week.

“Community policing has been identified as an important micro mission by the ministry. In pursuance of this mission, the rail warden scheme was introduced wherein the rail wardens perform duties as patrolmen, witnesses, informers and mediators,” explains DG (Law and Order) VN Rai, who is spearheading the “Samvedi” police campaign in the state.

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