Railways plans to shortlist travelling doctors to attend patients in trains

Keeping in mind the emergency medical needs of passengers, while travelling in a train, Railways has decided to use the services of doctors travelling in that particular train. While, it was done earlier also, the difference this time is the organized way in which the railway plans to do it.

Railways will sort out from the reservation charts the names of the doctors travelling in a particular train, prepare a separate travel chart of the doctors and hand it over to the train superintendent along with the reservation chart. Railways extend concession of 10% to doctors in train fare, who are willing to offer their services to passengers in need of medical attendance while travelling in a train. Preparing a separate chart will help the train’s superintendent as he can immediately call up the doctor, as and when the need arises.

The concessional scheme, however, has some practical problems in implementation. The certificates which are needed to be submitted by a doctor to avail the concession makes the process slightly tedious for the doctors, said a railway official. The officials are of the view that the scheme will attract more doctors if the process is slightly simplified. There is also a need to create more awareness about the scheme.