Train traffic control system to be computerized soon

To lessen inconvenience to passengers caused by the lack of precise information on arrivals and departures of trains, monitoring of their movements will soon be computerized. Presently this is done by Indian Railways’ operating department through telephones, a time consuming process, making it very difficult for travellers to get the right details about train delays.

An ‘information control’ office is planned to be set up at Indian Railways’ divisional offices or headquarters where the server will track arrival and departure of trains.

Once the train moves from one station the system will calculate the entire distance immediately and prepare a chart that will display the train’s position on a screen. The move would also help in reducing staff required for preparing these charts.

Passengers have to face a tough time whenever they go to enquire the status of trains as the enquiry clerk somehow do not give them proper information. Sometimes enquiry counter clerks do not have the exact information as they have to confirm it at the telephones at short intervals and then they calculate the distance and delay accordingly.

So the process takes a lot of time and proves not so much helpful to the passengers. However, with the help of this new technology, computers will be able to display the position of trains.

Dharmendra Kumar, senior railway commercial manager, Ferozepur division, said, “Technology upgradation is our first priority. However, some of the current projects have been undertaken on a trial basis. These include installation of readers at selected stations which help in ascertaining the position of trains with the help of excel counting or tags attached with the wagons when the train passes through that particular station. This technology is already being employed by Southern and West Southern Railways, and now it’s the turn of Northern Railways”.