Bombardier eying railway signaling system for DFC

BS reported that Bombardier Transportation India Limited, the domestic outfit of Canadian firm Bombardier Inc, is buoyant about its railway signaling system business.

While, currently Bombardier’s signaling office and the software development centre are also located at Vadodara, which develops software for signaling and traction applications and caters to the software requirements of Bombardier Transportation worldwide, the company is readying to provide traffic management systems for Indian Railways.

Mr Rajeev Jyoti MD of Bombardier Transportation India Limited said that “We have virtually all the technology including axel control technology, audio frequency tracks circuit and European Train Control System in railway signaling system. We are currently working with Railways in other verticals and are looking forward to projects in railway signaling as well.”

According to Mr Jyoti, the DFC project, spanning 2762 kilometer will generate need for state of the art technology in railway signaling given the traffic for which Bombardier is readying itself to get engaged in.

He said that “We will use our global product platforms to offer railway signaling system. With turn key projects being planned by Indian Railways, we are looking forward to being part of consortium and partnerships for railway signaling. Since railway signaling system will be project based, we have not set a target to achieving certain capacity in manufacturing. However, as and when the bids are announced we will participate in them.”

While, Audio Frequency Track Circuits have been developed to over come the effect of alternate current induction in AC electrified tracks on conventional direct current track circuits and also to avoid insulation block joints on tracks for bifurcation of track circuit sections, ETCS creates standardized train control system and thus harmonize rolling stock equipment. The system transmits data between track and vehicle via ETCS components to facilitate train and corresponding route information.

(Sourced from Business Standard)