A blog by A.HARI, based in Chennai.

dsc03537This blog will share latest news regarding the Turn Around of Indian Railways. Positive and innovative reforms facilitating the Turn around of Indian Railways will be highlighted.

This blog will cover only news regarding major changes in policies or innovations planned by Indian Railways. This blog will not contain train specific information and will post only Positive News about Indian Railways.

The news reports are compiled from various news papers by A.HARI, a Railway enthusiast based in Chennai.

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Published on March 2, 2009 at 3:37 pm  Comments (8)  

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  1. Good to see an old friend of mine with a blog which is related to the I.R

  2. Respected Sir , the work done, in near past, by the Indian Railways is commendable and deserves standing ovation due to its pardigm shift of mindset in decision makers and passenger centric policies.

  3. Congrats, Hari Sir. Yours’ been an excellent effort throughout! Real good work. Keep going and all the very best.

  4. Inf of various types are always there.In today’s internet availability, sky is the limit. But, who is going to collect the data, say on Railways, who is going to take that trouble, reading, editing, scanning and uploading and putting in the internet-these are next to impossible tasks of today, when people do not bother for these tasks.
    Mr Hari is my old friend, right from the ‘CRB Suggesion box’ days. What Hari is doing is something difficult.
    Wish him all the best.
    God bless you, Mr Hari.
    I am daily reading your report.I dont miss your report even for one day.
    Thanks and regards,
    Venkat from Varanasi, 8th 4.44 am.

  5. Very Good Job Hari, Keep it up.

  6. I read the news with great interest Hari.Will you pl add news on railway privatisation and present trends in world railways.

  7. Very good initiative Mr.HARI ,
    there is a major changes in the policies ,technologies
    initiatives focusing towards the customers satisfaction
    (as GANDHI said)to the extend of world class.

    Best wishes.


  8. Dear Sir, Really Good work and this should continue. with best wishes

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