Railways becoming popular option in Jaipur-Delhi segment.

In a scenario where buses and other vehicles take six to seven hours to reach the national capital from here due to the dilapidated roads and repair work on the Jaipur-Delhi national highway, railways and airways have become the most popular option for travelers. For middle and upper-class passengers, trains like Jaipur-Delhi double decker and Ajmer-Delhi Shatabadi express via Jaipur have emerged as viable and comfortable option.

The poor condition of the Jaipur-Delhi highway has also put a dent on the revenue of the Volvo and other buses run by the Rajasthan state roadways transport corporation (RSRTC).

“Passengers are opting for only for the night service Volvo buses which are only service running packed. In rest of the buses, we are getting passengers for places like Kothputli, Behror and Gurgaon as the number of passengers who opt for Delhi has gone down,” a senior officer at the Central bus stand said on Monday.

In order to retain tourists especially those who start their journey from Jaipur to the golden triangle connecting Jaipur-Agra and Delhi, the tour operators are providing them the option of trains and airways.

“During their advance reservations, we clearly tell them that the road journey between Jaipur and Delhi is pathetic and train is always a good option for them to travel between Jaipur and Delhi,” said Sanjay Kaushik, a tour operator,.

The Jaipur-Delhi double decker train which was launched last year from Delhi has already became a hit among the passengers.

“Our double decker train is running packed since it was introduced. Many a times we have to introduce extra coaches to meet the rush,” said Tarun Jain, chief public relations officer, North Western Railways (NWR).

According to the railway sources, at least 12 trains are running between Jaipur and Delhi everyday and all of them show no room vacant and tickets are sold in advance reservations.

Even, the airlines providing flights between the two places witness jam packed situation everyday.



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