Online booking of rail tickets to get faster from Sept

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) will introduce new features in its eticketing service from September to reduce online ticket booking woes.

The website will now segregate visitors into two categories – those logging in to book tickets and those seeking information. Only 30% people log on to IRCTC website daily to book tickets, while the rest include people seeking information about trains and availability of reservation.

“With this move, it will be easier for passengers to book tickets as the website will process fast,” said chief regional manager, IRCTC, Lucknow, Manoj Kumar Sinha. The IRCTC website will lead to a separate “plan your journey” link. The users can navigate to separate link for queries and information. The ticket booking will get faster as the number of hits will get reduced on the ticket booking site, he added.

IRCTC will also introduce online concessional tickets for differently abled passengers. Till now, such passengers had to buy discounted tickets from the railway station as IRCTC was not selling any concessional tickets. The Centre for Rail Information System (CRIS) is developing a software for this and it will be ready by March next year.

In another passengerfriendly move, details of the retiring rooms all over the Indian Railways will be made available on the IRCTC website. The data is being compiled. The passengers would be able to book the retiring room at the time of booking the ticket. CRIS is also developing software for this facility. The new e-ticketing project will facilitate booking of about 7 lakh tickets per day. It will be launched in March 2014. “With this, at least 80% people who log on to the website would be able to book tickets,” said Sinha.

At present, passengers often face problems in booking online tickets due to technical glitches. And, each time the website asks people not to push the ‘back’ or ‘refresh’ button, making one sit glued to the computer. At times, the website shows the session as “expired” and asks visitors to login again. IRCTC says these problems occur when too many users log in at the same time.

IRCTC and CRIS are jointly working to enhance the existing ticket booking capacity and address online booking issues.

Besides, Microsoft is developing a mobile application for IRCTC’s e-ticketing which will work on Windows 8 Operating System on mobile as well as personal computers. The application is ready and will be launched soon.


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