Booking of Retiring Rooms through IRCTC Website

Railway Board recently issued an order to all Zonal Railways regarding that facility of online booking of Retiring Rooms through IRCTC Website.

Zonal Railways have been advised to take necessary steps for proliferation of booking of Retiring Rooms module through Commercial Portal of Indian Railways at all stations where the retiring rooms exist. Railway Board desires that booking of retiring rooms through internet may also be permitted through IRCTC’s website. The IRCTC will maintain all books and returns as prescribed by Traffic Accounts Office. At the end of each day complete statement of transactions of total booking through IRCTC will be generated which will give total charges excluding service charges levied by IRCTC. Separate roll number for the tickets be allotted for ticket rolls issued to IRCTC.

A rolling settlement scheme i.e. lump sum amount deposited by IRCTC in the account of Railways and its progressive reduction as per individual transaction may be put in place through the software which should also be checked manually. The topping up as well as reduction of the IRCTC account should also be checked by the software. Ten days statement of actual money deposited by IRCTC viz-a-viz the debit raised due to transactions may be sent to Traffic Accounts Office on regular basis for cross check.

The software developed by CRIS should be thoroughly checked by Manager, Data Base/PRS and Dy. CAO/TA before making the system on line. The procedure for reservation, modification, cancellation is described below which should be scrupulously followed:-

2.1. Advance booking of retiring room can be done through internet on a ticket purchased through PRS during the reservation period prescribed for purchase of tickets through PRS. The system shall validate authentication of the ticket.

2.2 Advance booking of Retiring rooms will be permitted only against confirmed/RAC tickets and will not be permitted against wait-listed tickets, card tickets or platform tickets. The customer will have to register on the website for booking of the retiring rooms also. He should give his PNR number and this transaction will be linked to PRS booking.

2.3. On one PRS ticket, not more than three Retiring rooms can be booked.

2.4. The booking of Retiring room will continue to be available on arrival at the Railway Station on PRS/UTS/card ticket.

2.5. In order to overcome fictitious booking of retiring room, these cannot be booked on UTS/card ticket in advance. However, a genuine passenger holding such general ticket for more than 500 kms. will be allowed to avail this facility at the Railway Station. Chief Commercial Managers have been authorized to relax the condition of 500 kms for specific locations based on local conditions.

2.6. In case all the retiring rooms are booked, the passengers having confirmed tickets desiring to avail retiring room facility will be provided a waitlist number which will automatically be updated by the system in case of any cancellation.

2.7. On cancellation of ticket, the booking of Retiring room shall automatically get cancelled. The cancellation of booking of retiring room will attract cancellation charges as under:

a. Cancellation in advance of 48 hours of the day of occupation. – Deduction of 10%

b. Cancellation within a period of lessthan 48 hours of the day of occupation- Deduction of 50%

c. Cancellation on the day of occupation – No refund.

2.8. if the retiring room is not provided by railway against the advanced booking due to some fault etc. on the part of the Railway Administration, special provision may be made for giving full refund to the passenger. However, if the fault is on the part of the passenger, refund rules/procedure as laid down in para 2.7(c) and para 2.10 of the policy circular may be followed.

2.9. If a retiring room is not provided by railway against the advanced booking due to late running of the train and the passenger does not want to avail the facility, he may be refunded full.

2.10. If the passenger does not turn up within one hour of the actual arrival of the train, the Retiring Room Supervisor may release the booked room in favour of the next passenger in the waiting list, provided the wait listed passenger turns up within one hour of the actual arrival of his/her train.

2.11. The mode of refund will be same as the mode of payment.

2.12. Date-Base Administrator for retiring rooms will be at divisional level. Only Central zonal database operator should be permitted to make modifications in Application rules like fare, reservation slots etc. Local database operator should have permission to change local items like room facilities, address, room status etc.

2.13. Booking will be permitted for a period of 12 hours or 24 hours as per need and in any case not more than a period of 48 hours, Check in and Check-out timings hould be 8 AM. and 8 P.M.

2.14. The system will have a provision to book a retiring room on the authority of letter issued by Senior DCM/DCM as rest houses for the use of authorized persons such as Railway Officers, MPs etc. Blocking of retiring room will be for special purpose only and such authorization should be issued by the concerned Senior DCM/DCM.

2.15. If retiring room is booked against a pass and prescribed charge is not to be taken, then the supervisor will be enabled to do this type of reservation through special function, recording the reason in the system duly entering various details like Pass No., reasons etc.

2.16. System will generate a station-wise/date-wise report in respect of para (2.14) & (2.15) at Divisional & Zonal level for verification/cross check.

2.17. Passenger booking the retiring room needs to carry one of the approved 5 photo ID cards, namely Voter Identity Card, Passport, PAN Card, Driving License, photo identity card issued by Central/State Govt., student identity card with photograph issued by recognized school/college for their students, nationalized bank’s passbook with photograph and credit card by banks with laminated photographs.

2.18. The fare structure for different types of rooms will be configurable. The Taxes and Service Taxes shall be configurable.

2.19. Charges for Retiring Rooms booked through the Internet will be apportioned to the Zonal Railway, Division and Station concerned as being done for Originating Earnings Apportionment of PRS Earnings between Zonal Railways and Accounting Reports are generated showing the apportioned originating earnings of each station and each Division also. This module should specifically be got vetted and cleared from the concerned Associate Finance of the Zonal Railway.

2.20. Other working arrangements should be scrupulously followed as per instructions contained in Board’s letter no. 2002/TG-I/20/P/IRCTC/INTERNET dated 24.05.2002 (copy enclosed for ready reference).


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