Elite car hub plan for coal town station

Forget the harrowing hunt for parking space at the busy Dhanbad station. The A-class junction of East Central Railway (ECR) is mulling a facility to allow private vehicles find a spot on the VIP drive lane for extra price.

The premium parking is expected to come up in the circulating area, which is currently being revamped with big money, and is expected to ease snarls on the approach road to the station. The facility, divisional railway officials said, would be on the lines of a successful lane management system in place at New Delhi railway station.

In Jharkhand and under ECR, such parking will be the first of its kind. Ranchi station, which is also A-class, only has a congested public parking arrangement. A-category Tatanagar does not guarantee safety of vehicles because there is no fee structure. The Chakradharpur railway division is, however, planning to modernise the parking area.

Senior divisional commercial manager of Dhanbad Dayanand said that the envisioned prime parking lot would be a part of the circulating area, which is being revamped for Rs 43 lakh since January this year. “The facility is being discussed. It isn’t final yet,” he said.

The rate of premium station parking in places like Delhi is Rs 40 or above. Dayanand promised it wouldn’t be as high in the coal town. At present, the 500-odd cars and taxis that swamp the premises pay Rs 10 for the first three hours and Rs 10 for each additional hour.

According to plan, the existing 10-metre-wide circulating area of Dhanbad station will be expanded six times and will be segregated into six lanes, albeit not of equal width.

“Each lane will be reserved for a particular purpose,” said an official. “The first will be a through lane, where vehicles will be allowed to stop only for dropping passengers. The next four will host private cars, taxis, auto-rickshaws and rickshaws. The sixth will be reserved for VIPs and a portion will also be allotted for premium parking,” he added.

Revamp of the circulating area is going on in full-swing. If things work according to plan, the project would be completed by mid-September,” Dayanand said, adding that 60 per cent work was over.


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