MOU on Delhi-alwar transit system inked

The Rajasthan government on Thursday inked an agreement with the Centre for the 180 km Delhi-Alwar Rapid Regional Transit System (RRTS).

Rajasthan along with Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh signed the agreement with the centre to form the National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC) that will build the RRTS.

The RRTS corridors will connect Delhi- Gurgaon-Alwar, DelhiGhaziabad-Meerut and DelhiPanipat. The 180 km Delhi-Alwar corridor will have 19 stations and a travel time of 117 minutes.

Rajasthan chief secretary CK Mathew signed the agreement on behalf of the state government. Additional chief secretary GS Sandhu said the total distance for the Delhi-Alwar transit system would be 180 km and it would be on an elevated corridor. The cost of the project would be R25,000 crore and it would be completed in five years, he said.
Asked about land acquisition, Sandhu said not much land would be required, as most of the construction would be above ground.

Urban development (UD) secretary Sudhir Krishna said the new body would have a share capital of R100 crore of which the UD and Railway ministries would contribute 22.5 per cent each, the NCR Planning Board 5 per cent, while the four states will put in 12.5 per cent each. The total cost of the project would be R72,000 crore, said Krishna, adding, the funding mechanism was being considered. The states will have to form high powered committees headed by the chief secretary to take decisions related to planning.


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