E-auctioning results in record income for NCR

In tune with modern technological advances, North Central Railway has fully adopted the e-auctioning process of scraps which has generated an approximate income of Rs 20.47 crore in the month of June. This is a record as the stores department of NCR has generated a cumulative income of about Rs 43.12 crore through the sales of scraps this financial year.

Moreover, North Central Railway has created another record by registering an increase of about 25.74 per cent in the total originating earnings upto the month of June in this fiscal as compared to the same period in the last year. NCR general manager Alok Johri has congratulated the employees on the achievement.

Income from passengers originating from the railway division has also seen an increase of about 18.79 per cent which has generated an income of about Rs 328.55 crore upto the month of June as compared with the same period last fiscal.

It has also been reported that coaching earnings also increased by 40.94 per cent during the period. Income from freight services also increased by 45.54 per cent during the time frame, stated a release.



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