Railways to eliminate level crossings

As Indian Railways have decided for gradual elimination of all the level crossings for ensuring safety of the commuters in the coming years, North Central Railway is too taking steps in this direction. About 100 railway crossings will be replaced with the construction of ROBs (Railway Over Bridges), RUBs (Railway Under Bridge) and LHB ( Limited Height Subway) in the current financial year.

Indian Railways has targeted to remove all the level crossings on its route as these crossings are not only causing safety problems but also create operational hindrances. The unmanned crossings will be removed by constructing LHS/RUB.

These railway crossings have been spread over the entire area of North Central Railway incorporating the divisions of Allahabad, Agra and Jhansi. North Central Railway has planned to construct 75 LHS/RUB during the year 2013-14. In addition to this, about 25 ROB will also be constructed in this year.

In the North Central Railway region there are about 1,512 level crossings. Among them, 1,028 are manned railway crossings and 453 are unmanned. There are five cattle crossings and 26 canal crossings. Out of the total crossings in NCR region, there are 395 level crossings in Allahabad division, 313 level crossings in Jhansi division and the remaining in Agra division.

In Allahabad division, many LHB will be constructed replacing the level crossings on the Allahabad-Mughalsarai section. This includes level crossing number 11 (Km 748/7-9), 12 (Km 755/19-21), 24 (Km 785/1-3) and 25 (Km 787/21-23). The approximate cost for construction of LHB at these four crossings is about Rs 16 crore.

In addition to this, about four more LHB will be constructed replacing the level crossings in the Allahabad-Mughalsarai section. This includes level crossing number 120 ( Km 695/5-7), level 123 (Km 709/11-13), 124 (Km 718/11-13) and 1 (Km 720/15-17). The approximate cost for construction of these LHBs at these four crossings is also about Rs 16 crore.

Further, Railway Over Bridges will be constructed at the level crossing number 6-A in Mirzapur, 119 B at Kailhut and 15 C at Jigna. From railway side, there is the policy to remove all the gates over level crossings. Since, 2003, about 45 ROBs and 15 LHS has been completed but this year , there is an ambitious target of completing 100 RUB/RUB/LHS. 527 level crossing gates have already been interlocked over NCR. To overcome the problem of boom breakage, crossings have been provided with sliding booms.

Accidents at level crossing gates have been a cause of concern for Railways especially at the unmanned level crossings gates. In order to prevent these incidents, special awareness campaign , using an innovative means of mobile video van has been started on North Central Railway, along with the conventional methods. The van is equipped with high definition LED television.

Many campaigns through newspapers, TV and radio are also being organised. Street plays are also organised to spread awareness about the safety measures to be taken at unmanned crossings. The public awareness campaign has also been taken to counsel villagers, educational institutions and road users and make them aware of the provision of Motor Vehicles Act and Railway Act by distributing posters, pamphlets, handbills in gram panchayats, markets, petrol pumps and other public places.

In addition to this, awareness is also created among people on the occasion of International Level Crossing Awareness Day (ILCAD) all over the world in which there are about 42 member countries. These countries include USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, India, Pakistan, Georgia, Mongolia.

An official of Indian Railways said, “This year we have an ambitious target of constructing about 100 ROB, RUB/LHB replacing the level crossings and we are hopeful that using our resources we will be able to achieve the target. Awareness are also being created among the people regarding the precautions that should be used while crossing the level crossings.”


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