Yellow strips on rail tracks, whistle boards to curb trespass deaths

To curb the number of deaths due to trespassing, the Central Railway (CR) will paint yellow strips on tracks and put whistle boards in accident prone areas. This is being undertaken in a big way after successful trials/analysis at a few locations on the Central Railway.

The locations have already been identified and the work will be implemented by Final Mile, a consultancy firm.

In the first phase, seven locations at five stations have been selected by Final Mile, which analysed the death rates and habits of passengers. They include Mankhurd, Kurla, Mulund, Ghatkopar and Wadala.

According to B L Patil, chief safety officer, CR: “The painting will be done after the monsoon season, and whistle boards will be placed in accident-prone spots. The whistle boards will act as an indication for the train drivers to blow horn when they approach the dangerous points.”

According to CR officials, the idea was implemented at Wadala station three years ago and it has helped reduce the number of deaths due to trespassing by 75 per cent between January 2010 and December 2010.

While 10 people died due to trespassing between January and April 2009 at Wadala station, the numbers rose to 14 between April and May and to 17 between September and December 2009.

The number of deaths, however, went down drastically after the plan was implemented, with only six cases being reported between January and April 2010, and four cases between May and August 2010.

Track trespassing is the largest cause of daily unnatural deaths in Mumbai, as per police records.

According to the annual data on accidental deaths and injuries by the Government Railway Police (GRP), a total of 12,136 deaths and 13,541 injuries have been reported on CR and Western Railway (WR) between January 2010 till May 31, 2013.


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