Multi-functional complex at railway station on cards

To have multi-level parking lot and facilitation area.

As part of the ongoing revamp at the Chandigarh Railway Station, a proposal has been mooted for construction of a multi-functional complex (MFC), which would consist of a multi-level parking lot on two floors and a facilitation area on another.

“The proposal for the multi-functional complex has been mooted. We are holding discussions on the kind of facilities that could be provided to the passengers. It would have a multi-level parking lot,” says Divisional Railway Manager, Ambala Division, P K Sanghi.

The MFC would be constructed towards the left side as one enters the railway station. The basement and ground floor would be for parking of vehicles. This would ease out the parking woes at the station. The current parking space is not adequate. With the frequency of trains to and from Chandigarh expected to increase in the coming days, a need is being felt for enhancing the parking space.

The first floor of the complex would have facilitation area for the passengers. It would offer facilities that passengers would require at the station, including a shopping area.

It has further been proposed that the facade of the railway station be changed. While the character of the city would be kept in mind, some changes would be made to the facade in order to beautify the station.

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