CR, WR make a killing through ads

Central and Western Railway have been raking in the moolah through advertisements. Last year, CR and WR earned Rs 1,212 lakh and Rs 2,971 lakh and Rs 804 lakh and Rs 3,838 lakh the year before.

WR attributed the fall in revenue to delay in payment by a party. A WR official said a party went to court, as a result of which a payment of Rs 8 crore was pending.

CR earned through glow signs (53 per cent), films (76 per cent), window panels of Siemens rakes (440 per cent) and jingles (1,106 per cent).

For WR, the revenue came from selling bulk rights to advertise at stations (46 per cent), glow signs (100 per cent), wall paintings (100 per cent), panel display (16 per cent) and rake paintings (17 per cent).

A senior railway official said, “Many avenues have been explored in the last one year to increase revenue from publicity.

“Media such as window panels of rakes and and jingles in the public address system significantly improved revenue last year.”

Another railway official said, “BMC has stopped the railways from advertising outside heritage buildings such as Churchgate station. However, BEST buses that stop right next to the station display advertisements. It remains unclear why BMC has such rules for the railways.”

Top scores for CR (In Rs lakh)

Media 2012-13 2011-12 Variation (%)

Glow signs 45.2 29.6 53

Films 86.4 49.2 76

Window displays 31.9 5.9 440

LCDs 7.8 2.4 217

Jingles 22.4 1.8 1,106

Top scores for WR (In Rs lakh)

Media 2012-13 2011-12 Variation (%)

Panel displays 20.2 17.4 16

stations 1,227.0 843.0 46

Rake paintings 194.2 166.9 16

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