Platform tickets may be cost R 100 soon

In a move aimed at decongesting railway stations the Central Railway is mulling increasing the price of platform tickets. The railway authorities believe that hiking the price will discourage people from loitering around and use railway platforms as meeting spots, which congests already busy platforms and the move will ensure better security at platforms.

According to a Central Railway official, there is no open space in the city that offers two hours to loiter around for only Rs five. The official citing the 26/11 attacks said that security agencies also suggested that people who do not travel should not be allowed inside railway premises. It was later decided that platform tickets will be increased. Another Central Railway staff added platform tickets should be revised to a price of Rs 100.

It was learnt that officials believe public would think twice before loitering around in platform premises if platform tickets are priced high.

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  1. Do the rail officials think that paying public gets bribes ??? Where from a poor worker pay to enter platform and receive his old parents coming home?

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