Indian Railways to offer personalised alerts, wake-up calls

It’s the next best thing to trains running on time: travellers can look forward to alert messages on their phone in case their train is delayed or cancelled.

Indian Railways plans to provide a slew of personalised services that can match airlines, including wake-up call, in collaboration with, a subsidiary of Stelling Tech.

RailYatri and railways’ IT arm Centre of Railway Information Systems (CRIS) are also working on a smartphone app to provide real-time information on the position of trains and predictions on their expected time of arrival in different stations.

“We’re looking at providing services like wake-up calls and informing passengers if there are any changes in the schedule of the train they are booked in like delays or cancellations through SMS or phone calls,” Manish Rathi, CEO and co-founder of, says. “It can even be to alert someone on the position of a train so they can receive their family at the station on time,” he adds.

At present, RailYatri already offers real-time details on routes, location of trains and even predictions on expected time of arrival for up to 6,500 trains running at any given point of time, on their website called Rail Radar.

They are also working on providing detailed visualised information on how any particular train travels over weeks or months and where delays usually occur online.

The plan is to expand services and features in a way that answers all possible queries passengers may have and provide direct information instead of passengers having to hunt for data themselves.

An Android app is being worked on to make the current services available to a larger consumer base and should be launched in the coming few months.

“We are fine-tuning some features. We want to ensure it will work on all platforms including iPhones, Windows system and Blackberry,” Rathi says.


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