Railways plans water recycling plant in Manmad for washing wagons

The Indian Railways has decided to set up a water recycling plant in Manmad to tap used water from loco sheds and re-use it for washing and cleaning of locomotives and wagons.

“We have planned recycling of waste water generated from washing of train wagons and locomotives such that our daily intake is reduced by 50%. The estimated cost of the project is Rs 8 lakh and has been forwarded for financial sanction,” a senior railway official from Manmad said.

Manmad junction on the Central Railway caters to traffic from Mumbai, Bhusawal, Aurangabad and Daund and is one of the busiest. However, it faces acute shortage of drinking water supply because of its location in the area where rainfall is low. Moreover, rains have failed in this part of the region for the last three years, and the town gets water supply at 21 days’ intervals.

“The Railways has its own reservoir to store water from where it is pumped for purposes including water feeding to trains and cleanliness at the junction. The Railways requires nearly 1.5 lakh litres of water daily for washing and other purposes of which 50,000 litres will be sourced from the water recycling plant,” the official said. Daily consumption of water in the station stands at 22 lakh litres – most of which is fed to the railway passenger bogeys.

Once sanctioned, the plant could be readied in six to eight months as a place has already been identified and other sanctions are in place.

According to the officials such a plant could be one of its kind in the state. The water fed for the recycling plant would be mostly grey water that can be easily treated and used for purposes other than drinking. “The Railways would thus lessen the quantity of fresh water intake contributing substantially towards water conservation,” the official said.


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