Rail Nirman Nilayam – The first Green Building in Indian Railways

Rail Nirman Nilayam is the first Green Building in Indian Railways. This is also the first Green Building for which certification fee was sponsored by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of India.

Salient features

Ø Year of commencement:2009-10

Ø Year of completion:January 2012

Ø Sanctioned cost of Detailed Estimate:Rs.20.11 Crs. (Civil-Rs.13.16 Cr,Elec.-Rs.5.96 Cr & S&T-Rs.0.99 Cr.)

Ø Expenditure:Rs.17.80 Cr (Approx)

Ø Building constructed with RCC framed structure of G+4 Floors with total plinth area of 4405.90 Sqm.

Aimed to achieve Green Building to

Ø Reduce energy consumption

Ø Reduce water consumption and efficient water management

Ø Efficient use of resources during construction

Ø Reduce construction waste

Ø Reduce destruction in ecology

Ø Rail Nirman Nilayam is the first Green Building in Indian Railways. This is also the first Green Building for which certification fee was sponsored by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of India.

Ø Building is designed with 40% glazing area and with 2 cut outs to give more lighting thus reducing the conventional energy demand.Lighting is designed optimally. Energy consumption index and thermal comfort are fully met. With the above measures the power saving is to an extent of 20% is achieved compared to similar buildings.

Ø The daily water consumption by the building has been reduced by 50% using low flow Sensor based Urinals, taps and dual flushing tanks

Ø Rain water harvesting is provided for the full quantity of rain water coming from the roof top and circulation areas which is about 48 lakh litres per year against consumption of about 25 lakh litres per year.

Ø Water usage during construction was minimised at site by using Ready mix concrete for the entire project. Over flowing curing water has been collected in the lift pits and reused.

Ø The waste water is treated to tertiary standards in the Sewage Treatment Plant which works o­n FAB technology. The treated waste water is used for lawn and plant watering.

Ø Fire fighting system with Wet risers, Yard Hydrants, Electric fire pump along with a stand by Diesel pump, sump and an exclusive Over Head tank are provided. Fire/Smoke detectors with Fire alarms, a public addressing system with a Control room are provided in the building

Ø Low energy materials like Fly ash bricks, Ready mix concrete, low VOC paints, false ceiling made with recycled materials like Gyp board and Mineral acoustic fibre are used. Internal partitions are made with aluminium frames and particle boards. All the materials used are locally available. Modular Workstations and file compactors are provided for optimum utilisation of the floor space.

Use of Energy Efficient Equipments and their control

1.In Green Building entire light fittings are luminous efficient (lumane/watt > 50) and thus achieved bench mark of 10.8 watts/Sq. Meters of lighting power density complying ECBC 2007.

2. Entire lighting is controlled either by Timer or by Occupancy Sensor or Multi sensors for Intelligent lighting system and harnessing day light fully.

3. Stand alone solar street lighting system with programmable day light sensing controller for outdoor lighting have been used.

4. Use of centralized air cooling for improved thermal comfort in non air conditioned area.

5. Energy Efficient centralized air conditioning through VRF (Variable refrigent flow) technology with the facility of controlling each indoor unit centrally as well as individually

6.Gear less and machine room less lifts with energy efficient VVVF drive control has been provided.

7. Use of Energy management system for comprehensive electrical parameters reporting, comparative and performance analysis and remotely switching o­n / OFF facility of each equipment.

Use of Renewable Source of Energy

37.5 KW Grid connected Solar Generating system was provided in the shadow free area of 7,500 Sq. ft. o­n the roof of Rail Nirman Nilayam. It has been arranged in 168 arrays in 8 strings. (Each string is of 4.8 KW consists of 21 arrays).

The daily average energy consumption of whole building is around 900 units, out of which o­n an average 150 units is being generated from Solar Energy.Therefore, the anticipated Annual Energy consumption (in kWh) is 3,28,500 units.Electricity generated from o­n-site renewable resources (in kWh) is 54,750 units which work out 17% of total annual energy consumption.

Solar modules arranged o­n roof top are giving double benefits.On o­ne side, it is attaining solar energy approximately 15% of total consumption to the building and o­n another side giving shade to terrace thereby reducing the requirement of energy for cooling the top fourth floor.

Each unit of energy generated from Solar Power is helping the environment by reducing the Carbon Emission @ 0.0005925 metric tons per KWh.The entire electricity generated from Solar Power in the building is expected to reduce Carbon Dioxide emission by 32.44 metric tons annually.

Conference Hall

This Conference hall is having state of the art facility to have Video Conference, Audio Conference facility and Presentation System.

Cisco C- 20 Video conference will deliver the absolute quality of 1080p resolution to far end.

DNP Supernova – 120” screen is the largest screen used in board rooms.

Nine cable cubby having HDMI Facility to display Presentation sitting anywhere in the conference hall.

The centre table is embedded with 13 no Crown® PCC-170 is a surface mounted supercardioid microphone, its highly directional pickup pattern will minimize background noise and feedback.

Ceiling Mount camera will allow the participant to capture the image of any object placed o­n the table and display in the 120” screen.

The big advantage of a Ceiling document camera in a video conferencing application is that it is completely invisible to the audience.

Hitachi T-19W tablet is handy for writing digital notes, It lets you control the computer display projected o­n the screen and write annotation and highlight the important points.

5.2” AMX touch will allow the user to control all the equipment in the room

IP Surveillance

Ø RNN G+4 building covered with IP surveillance system.

Ø Each floor has been equipped with 2 Fixed Cameras to monitor the entire corridors.

Ø Outdoor PTZ Camera with 20X optical zoom is equipped to monitor the parking and traffic flow at RNN premises.

Ø Fixed Cameras are of Panasonic make connected to Indigo Vision IP Encoder for Digitalization.

Ø All cameras are capable of 4 SIF (704 X 480) resolution with 25 frames per second.

Ø Server and Client machines are of HP make, has ability to store minimum of 45 days Video data.

Ø Server is configured in RAID 1 for redundant mirror disk.

Ø Motion based recording is configured to conserve the hard disk space.

Ø All Cameras are managed with Indigo Vision Control Center Video management Software (100 Camera license).

Bio-Metric/RF Controlled Flap Barriers

Ø RNN Main entrance is equipped with 3 Flap barriers with 900 MM width for easy passage.

Ø Flap barriers are of SIVANADA make, aesthetically made with stain less steel and acrylic sheet.

Ø Flap barriers are operated with Bio-metric or RF Smart cards.

Ø Smart cards are issued to staff with theirphoto Identityto enter and exit

Ø This same system is connected to server to maintain attendance reports.

Ø TimeTrack software is used for time & attendance.




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  1. Thank you, Hari. Where exactly is this building? New Delhi or somewhere else?

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