Anubhuti fare 1.5 times Shatabdi AC 1 Class

Travelling in ‘Anubhuti’ coach, the special AC luxury class proposed in this year’s rail budget, will be one and half times costlier than the first AC executive class in Shatabdis.
Railways has proposed to introduce a modern coach ‘Anubhuti’ with good ambience in Shatabdi and Rajdhani trains phase-wise, providing higher travel comfort to passengers. “We will begin with one Shatabdi train as apilot project and then Anubhuti coaches will be added in all other 16 Shatabdi trains,” railway minister Pawan Kumar Bansal said here on Wednesday.

He said similarly one Rajdhani train will be selected for introduction of Anubhuti coach to be followed by all other 23 Rajdhani services and mail and express trains will also be equipped with Anubhuti coaches phase-wise. Asked the fare, Bansal said it will be one and half times more than the AC 1 Class in Shatabdis. While AC 1 has 56 seats in Shatabdi, Anubhuti will have 50 ergonomically designed cushioned seats with provisions of LCD video screens.

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