Railway Wheel Design Centre to be a reality soon

The Rail Wheel Factory at Yelahanka will get the country’s first Wheel Design and Research Training Centre (WDRTC) soon, said Union Minister of State for Railways Kotla Jaya Surya Prakash Reddy.

The centre will enable the railways to test wheels manufactured in the country instead of sending them to America.

“The Railway Infrastructure Technical and Economic Services (RITES) conducted a study and prepared a project report. According to estimates, the cost of the project escalated and it will cost more than what was sanctioned earlier. Therefore, the revised estimates has to be approved by the Railway Board,” he said.

Reddy said that the officials have already placed the report before the Railway Board to seek its approval, which may be accorded any time. RITES would start working on the project as soon as the board approves the revised estimates, he added.

At present, the railways ship one sample wheel from each lot to America for testing and certifying their usability before being used for coaches or export, he said.

Reddy also said the wheels and axles are tested to asses their chemical composition, micro and macro properties of the material, magnetic particles, ultrasonic testing, hardness, dimensional parameters and surface finish in accordance with the quality assurance programme of the Association of American Railroads.

Despite being world’s largest railways, Indian Railways does not have a facility to test the wheels manufactured by it, he said. The WDRTC was sanctioned for the city in the 2011 railway Budget with an allocation of Rs 36 crore. However, the project got delayed as funds for the project were not released, he added.


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