Royal Rajasthan on Wheels’ – India’s most luxurious train

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels’ – touted as India’s most luxurious train – is a joint venture between Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation Ltd (RTDC) and the Indian Railways.

The train will run every Sunday between October and April from Delhi. It will travel across three states – Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

Consisting of 35 coaches, the train has a ferrying capacity of 82 passengers in one trip. The train has on board a spa, gymnasium, specials suites, deluxe saloons and two restro-lounges which make the journey truly a ‘royal experience’

When this train started operating, the journey costs were $4,130 (Rs.2,14,760), one had to shell out $1,600 (Rs.83,200) per day more if one travels in the special suite.

The train will go to Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Khajuraho and Agra. And the journey will culminate in Varanasi,” RTDC chairman Pramod Sharma said. The entire journey would be completed in seven days.

“This train is better than ‘Palace on Wheels’ as it is more spacious and grander. It has every luxury which anyone would want,” said Sharma.

So far, the service has been really good and the crew is really hospitable. It would be too early to say anything about the train as the journey has not even started yet,” an Australian tourist Kent Vodan told IANS while the train was at Safdarjung station.As the train started its maiden trip in 2009, there were 61 foreign tourists on board.

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