Prototype of new generation BTFLN wagon ready for testing

A prototype of a new generation special type tank wagon meant for transportation of petroleum products has been manufactured by the Golden Rock Railway Workshop here for testing before going in for mass production of such wagons.

Officials of the Lucknow-based Research Designs and Standards Organisation (RDSO), the R & D arm of the Railways, would soon test the new generation Bogie Frameless Tank Wagon (BTFLN) which is in line with the design of Ukraine tank wagons.


The prototype wagon would be subjected to different type of tests at the sprawling workshop including hydraulic and pneumatic tests, all dimensional check, and load test. The oscillation trial testing would be done in the open line.

While the steel materials for the barrel have been imported, the fixtures required for its manufacture have been made in-house.

The workshop has at first developed a prototype consequent to an order placed by the Railway Board for manufacture of 50 BTFLN wagons for railway requirements.

The Golden Rock workshop, which is a pioneer in wagon production, will be the first railway workshop in the country to undertake manufacture of BTFLN wagons designed by RITES, a government of India enterprise, under the aegis of the Indian Railways.

Workshop officials here say the BTFLN wagon is a new generation wagon without underframe between bolsters. This wagon is meant for transportation of petroleum products such as kerosene, petrol, diesel, and naphtha.

The wagon would be fitted with single pipe bogie mounted brake systems and would have highest volumetric capacity of 76 cubic metres with a better payload of 57.95 metric tonnes.

Mass production of BTFLN wagons would commence once the RDSO officials complete the test of the prototype and give the go-ahead, say the officials.

The over 85-year-old workshop has manufactured more than 35,000 wagons of 53 varieties from 1962, periodic overhaul of diesel locomotives and passenger coaches, besides manufacture of steam locomotives for the Nilgiri Mountain Railway.

It is also engaged in the manufacture of stainless steel BOXNHL wagons and container wagons.

The order for the manufacture of BTFLN wagons was given to the workshop owing to its capabilities in the area of wagon construction, say the officials.

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