Railways to log on to Facebook to regularly update passengers

You’ll soon be able to get regular updates about railways on Facebook. Railway board chairman Vinay Mittal has instructed all 17 zonal railways to be active on the social networking site so that crucial information can be disseminated to passengers.

“Anybody who is joins the railways’ page on Facebook will getting regular updates,” arailway official told TOI.

A senior railway official said, “Facebook has become a popular medium of communication, especially among the youth. The railways will have to be a part of this medium so that important information is relayed to passengers.”

As of now, all zonal railways update information about the running of special trains and mega blocks on their website. Explaining the limitations of traditional media, the official said, “Not many passengers visit the website on a day-to-day basis for information. Even though the railways issues advertisements and press notes to electronic and print media, the information is likely to be missed by readers.”

While specific guidelines are yet to be framed, each zonal railway will have its own Facebook page. It will have information about special train services, delays as well as cancellations of train services. The official said, “If a booking window has to be kept closed for certain period, this information can be shared on Facebook. Users can also be updated about any technical snag in the passenger reservation system.”

Another official said, “Operating the page is going to be a challenge because of the scale of operations in Mumbai, where the number of passengers as well as Facebook users are in lakhs.”


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