Bogie mounted air brake system for coaches

Railway coaches sent for periodic overhaul (POH) to the railway workshop at Golden Rock are being equipped with bogie mounted air brake system replacing the normal system for effective braking and easier maintenance. The shift in the braking system is based on the recommendation of the Lucknow-headquartered Research Design and Standards Organisation, the sole research and development arm of the Indian Railways.

The bogie-mounted air brake system has been provided till now in a little over 150 BG passenger coaches that were put back into operation after the POH was done at Tiruchi workshop. This braking system has been provided in both air-conditioned and non-AC coaches.

Passenger coaches are usually sent for a POH once in 18 months to railway workshops located across the country including the one in Tiruchi which is presently engaged in a myriad of activities, including manufacture of steam locomotives and container wagons for the Container Corporation of India.

As part of POH, the braking system is being changed to bogie-mounted air brake type by carrying out necessary modifications in those passenger coaches which did not have this system, say workshop authorities.

The advantage of bogie-mounted air brake is that it provides effective braking and the system is easier for maintenance, say officials of the 87-year-old workshop which has been given a target to carry out POH of 840 passenger coaches in the current fiscal.

The authorities say newly-manufactured passenger coaches rolling out from Integral Coach Factory at Perambur in Chennai and Rail Coach Factory at Kapurthala have been provided with bogie-mounted air brake system.

In addition to POH of passenger coaches, the workshop had carried out intermediate overhaul of as many as 1,100 bogies till now in the current financial year.


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