High-speed trains soon to reduce long distances in India

It may sound bizarre that journey between Agra and Delhi will be completed within a time span of just 45 minutes and the same between Delhi and Patna would take not more than two and a half hours. But it is going to happen. After the launch of Delhi-Patna high speed corridor project, all this will be possible. This project has passed their first barrier.

According to a senior officer of North Central Railway, Rail Ministry has accepted a survey report in this regard and started its further action.

Distance between Delhi to Mumbai, via Mathura and Bharatpur, is 1233 km. At present, it takes nearly 20 hours as train’s speed could not exceed from 110 km/hr and average speed falls between 65 to 80 km/hr.

Tracks are being developed for the high speed trains to reduce time span for Delhi-Mumbai journey by increasing trains’ speed. It is believed that Trains’ speed would exceed up to 210 km/hr and average speed would be in between 160 to 180 km/hr. Then it would take only 7hr 15 mins to travel between Delhi and Mumbai.

For the same purpose two teams of rail experts from India and Japan have conducted survey this year.
Delhi-Patna corridor to make trains journey easier

Delhi-Agra-Lucknow-Varanasi-Patna high speed corridor is being constructed. This corridor is about 991 kilometer long and train would run at 300 km/hr speed. Survey report on corridor has been completed by the Mott MacDonald, a UK firm. For the construction of the corridor, National High Speed Corporation has been constituted.


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