New Lucknow-specific Railway time table eases keeping track

A Lucknow-specific time table has put together the schedule of 350 trains originating from and passing through Lucknow division. The new timetable made by Shrigopal Shukla, office superintendent at the railway workshop, Alambagh was released on Saturday by chief workshop manager Jitendra Singh and deputy CME Prashant Singh.

The time-table not only gives complete information about trains arriving at/departing from Lucknow, but also at other stations of Lucknow division like Varanasi, Faizabad, Pratapgarh, Sultanpur and others.

Trains like Marudhar Express, which runs between Varanasi and Jodhpur, has different numbers through the week of its run. “This is because the train takes different routes between Varanasi and Lucknow on all weekdays,” said Shukla. For three days of the week a train runs through Faizabad as train number 14853, while for the other three days it runs via Sultanpur as 14863, and then via Rae-barely as 14865. For a passenger, this arrangement is confusing, but made convenient by the latest four-page time table for Lucknow division.

Another train Awadh Express, going till Bandra Terminus, runs with two different numbers on different days of the week. For four days it originates from Muzaffarpur and runs as number 19035 and for the remaining days it originates from Gorakhpur and runs as 19039. There are other trains too like Patna-Kota Express passing through Lucknow which have different numbers on different days of the week.

The time-table has also provided a list of 108 station names and codes to help people understand abbreviations like LKO (Lucknow), VNS (Varanasi), GKP (Gorakhpur) and GZB (Ghaziabad). At least 10,000 such copies have been printed and can be collected from the workshop free.

“Anyone can call me up on my number (9794791100) and collect the copy,” said Shukla, adding that offices can order them in bulk. A similar time-table was released in 2008 and had information about 283 trains but now the number of trains has increased.


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