Come December, double-decker daily train likely to Bangalore

The Chennai-Bangalore Double-decker AC train announced in the Railway Budget is likely to rollout by December-January touting several additional safety features and passenger amenities.

However, though you will have more people for company on board this new train, the Shatabdi Express will continue to be your best choice to reach Bangalore faster. While the running time between the two cities is about six hours for the double decker, the Shatabdi races across the 362 km in just under five hours.

The red-and-yellow stainless steel LHB chassis has been built on an anti-climbing technology template that ensures that the crashworthy coaches do not pile up in case of a mishap.


The Chennai-Bangalore Double-decker Express (daily) will have a seating capacity of 120 persons per coach that is partitioned into upper deck (50), lower deck (48) and normal (22) sections. Though the fare for the new train is yet to be formalised, an estimated fare of about Rs. 370 — a ticket for the Delhi-Jaipur train costs Rs.347 for a distance of 303 km — could make travelling on the double-decker chair car to Bangalore cheaper than the Shatabdi (Rs. 510) or the Brindavan (Rs.386).

While double deckers were operational in the Indian Railways decades ago before being shunted away to oblivion, what sets apart the new trains are comfort utilities and state-of-the-art safety features.

The coaches will also have a controlled discharge toilet system that discharges wastes only on attaining a speed of 45 kph.

The first of these modern RCF-produced double-decker trains were first introduced on the Howrah-Dhanbad section followed by Delhi-Jaipur a few days ago. Apart from the Chennai-Bangalore section, the other Double-decker routes proposed are Mumbai-Ahmedabad and Bhopal-Indore, officials said.

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