Railways plan to curb cellphone menace

Showing concern over increasing number of complaints regarding talking loudly on mobile phones by passengers and irritating sound of objectionable ring tones buzzing inside the coaches which affect the comfort level of fellow passengers, the Railway Board has decided to create awareness among people through mass media and public address system at the stations.

In this connection, director, passenger marketing in the Railway Board Monica Agnihotri has written letters to all chief commercial managers of Indian Railways including North Central Railway. The number of letter is 2012/TG-V/19/02 dated July 23.

The letter states that the matter has been examined by Board and with a view to making the use of mobile phone annoyance free to other passengers, inside the compartment, it has been decided that passengers be educated about the adverse impact on the comfort of fellow passengers of such usage.

It is pertinent to mention that there were large number of complaints regarding talking loudly on cell phones, long conversations by the passengers and sound of objectionable ring tones buzzing inside the enclosed space of coaches, especially inside AC coaches.

This effects the comfort level of other passengers and has been brought to the notice of the Board from time to time.

The letter mentions that as long conversations, talking loudly on phones and buzzing of ring tones having questionable contents in high volume disturb co-passengers, the co-operation of the passengers should be solicited to keep their mobiles on silent/vibration mode or the ringtone at low volume and also to avoid talking loudly and make their conversation shorts as far as possible by making announcement through Public Address System, wherever the same is available. Further, stickers should be displayed in coaches, especially AC coaches.

Talking to TOI, chief public relations officer of North Central Railway Sandeep Mathur informed that the zone would undertake awareness drive among the passengers that they should use mobile phones in such a way that it should not cause problems to the fellow passengers.


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